Youth Football training with STAR Football Academy

Youth Football Training

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Youth Football Academy 

With over a decade of experience working with kids in the UAE, Star Football Academy is proud to offer an exceptional youth football training program. Our youth training program caters for each child’s needs and improves each player’s individual abilities. What makes our youth football training different from the rest is that we design our youth football training program with the understanding that players have various abilities and learning styles.

Here are key elements of our youth football training program that we strongly believe makes us the best football academy in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

  • The Star Football Academy founder, Anees Makrous, has a Physical Education Degree and has more than 12 years in teaching in international schools of various curriculums.
  • Our UK UEFA qualified coaches have the teaching experience and understand each developmental stage of children.
  • We make sure to use different teaching techniques that have been proven to improve the skills and abilities of children.
  • We differentiate by splitting players according to their level to support each and every player.
  • We offer three different locations in Sharjah and Dubai with options for indoor and outdoor football classes.
  • The sessions run for 90 minutes and allow for a game towards the end of the session. This gives players the opportunity to use skills learned in the session and use them in action.
  • Our advanced E-Learning system provides session videos, feedback and communication. Also a performance report every 3 months shows the development the players has made.

Youth Football Training Program Expectations 

At Star Football Academy we have high expectations of our staff when it comes youth football training program. This includes the communication between coaches, staff, players and parents. Our expectations include:All players are able to participate and learn no matter skill or ability.

  • Coaches meet with players to give feedback, this may occur before, during or after the session.
  • Coaches and the players are on time and ready to start the football session.
  • Coaches use positive language and reinforce the expected language used by players and parents
  • Out coaches are trained in positive behaviour management where a ‘good job’ or ‘well done’ is used to support the players.
  • Freezing during training is important to help with problem-solving situations and reflecting on possible outcomes
  • Open-ended questions are used to give players the opportunity show their understanding
  • Our behaviour policy makes sure that all children learn in a fun and safe environment.

At Star Football Academy our youth football training program is a cut above the rest as players participate on a regular basis in the football league, tournaments and friendly games. We have a well-rounded training program that makes us the best in the UAE.