Why should I choose the Star Football Academy for my child?

why choose star football academyAs a parent, one of the most important things that you can do for your child is to help them cultivate interests. The more that we can do to help our children find out the things in life that excite and interest them, the happier our children can be. Boredom is a problem for many children, which is why getting them involved in actively playing and participating in sports is a great idea. It’s also why, when it comes to taking on football coaching in Dubai, we recommend you have your child join the Star Football Academy. But why?

With so many different football academies to pick from today, what makes our academy the #1 choice for a young child who is eager to grow and improve in the country?

A 12-month program

First off, we make sure that your child is not simply enrolling for a few weeks before having to move on again. Joining up as part of the Star Football Academy means knowing that your child is part of a 12-month program. With regular training and the potential for a scholarship through our academy, your child has the chance to grow, improve, and develop the means needed to become a professional football player in the future.

With our 12-month program, you don’t have to worry about your child being left behind or not having access to the kind of training and assistance that they need to develop.

Personal care for each player

Another major factor of the Star Football Academy, and something we are very proud of, is our personal care for each player. When your child joins the Star Football Academy in Dubai, they are joining a coaching program that listens, learns, and cares.

We don’t simply have children take part; we have them become footballers. They play with a team of experts who are fully child protection qualified, but are also qualified soccer coaches. This allows them to play with other players who can help them to improve, but to also learn from coaches who listen and watch closely.

Then our coaches pick out the parts of the game that your child has to work on most, building their skills and showing them what they can do to improve and develop. With qualified coaches with UAE experience, you are learning from top quality coaches here in the Gulf.

Easy to access locations

One factor that we are always wary of when putting on a coaching program for children is access. What use is a football academy in Dubai if you have to travel beyond your means to get your child here?

That’s why the Star Football Academy is the best academy for access. We have thoroughly designed and edited every aspect of the academy to ensure that getting to and from our facilities is a piece of cake. We want you to be able to arrive with ease and with minimal expense. No matter where you are based in Dubai or the UAE, getting access to a Star Football Academy location is going to be super-simple!

We want you to be able to come here and get into the playing side of things ASAP. As opposed to worrying about travel, we make getting started so easy.

Pre-training lessons

At the Star Football Academy, one thing that we understand very much about playing football is the importance of knowing what you are doing. Without a plan, you are merely in control of the ball and little else. And when you do not know your team, your position in the team, or your opponent, how can you possibly give your best when on the pitch?

With the Star Football Academy, though, young players are given a full lesson online before training starts. This lets them know what we are working on and why. This develops a player who is much more rounded and also much more academically prepared. Learning off the pitch is as vital as playing on the pitch, and at the Star Football Academy, we combine both eloquently.

This allows for an atmosphere that encourages growth, improvement, and education about the beautiful game.

Positive, optimistic language

At the Star Football Academy, we are a house of positivity. We don’t take players in and tell them where they are weak; we show them where they can be even better. Instead of telling a player about if they make a successful move on the pitch, we tell them when.

In short, the Star Football Academy is a place where players can come to grow, improve, and change for the better. We are here to instil two major factors into you: positive self-belief for your abilities, and a language culture that helps you to ask ‘why not?’ when you are on the pitch.

We look to remove doubt so that you can play to the best of your ability. By having an environment that encourages personal growth, we ensure that you can enjoy using positive and optimistic language that encourages you to grow instead of wilt.

Skill-based selection

The worst developmental path for any young player is to be involved in a group that is above or below their capacity. At Star Football Academy, we look to pair up our players not based only on age but also on ability. If we find a younger player needs to be challenged more, we have no qualms about moving them up a level. By the same token, if someone needs more harnessing to their game then we won’t be afraid to keep them in the same level as before.

The plan here is easy to understand; at Star Football Academy we are here to make people better players. And to become a better player, you need to play at a level that is suitable for who you are today, not who you wish to be tomorrow.

So, come and join in with football coaching in Dubai that listens and learns. Become the player that you were meant to be; with our help, you can harness the best of your abilities and grow tenfold.