What is the ideal age to start football training?

What is the ideal age to start football training?When you have a young child at home, it is common that you might want to get them playing football. Football is a brilliant team sport that encourages every person on the field to get involved. Everyone can have their moment as a protagonist. It brings us together to play a technically exciting game that can be fast-paced and thrilling. However, the low scoring nature of football also means that it can come down to one single kick of the ball to determine the whole thing. Getting your child involved in football, then, is naturally something very exciting!

If you want to get your child into football, though, it is vital that you get them involved at the right team. Start too young and they might not enjoy the process at all. Start too late, though, and they might have missed some vital development on the foundational basics of the beautiful game.

So, what is the ideal game to start football training for most youn