Three pillars of influence: parents, teachers & coaches

parents teachers, coachesFor any young child, one of the most important things that they can have in life is good quality guidance. Guidance goes a long way to helping a child grow and develop into a better person and a professional. However, for young athletes in particular, it’s absolutely essential that they are given the help they need to grow into the professionals they always wanted to be. And to achieve that, there has to be the correct kind of structure in their life.

We believe in three pillars of influence for young children: parents, teachers and coaches.


The role that teachers play in the life of a young child should not be underestimated. Without the help of a good coach or teacher, a child is often likely to have issues with their education and development. It’s often about finding the right kind of teacher for each kind of student. Some students are naturally developed in their academic learning but find it hard to stay motivated or busy. Therefore, they need a teacher who can set them on the right path and keep them engaged. That is a crucial part of development: helping latent intellectuals stay motivated.

However, teachers might also be needed to help a student who has massive ambition but struggles academically. Rather than teaching this child the importance of focus, teachers are expected to help them overcome their learning deficiencies. For any child, this is a vital part of their influence. If they have someone who can show them that problems can be solved and that they can take in the information that they need to, then the child is much more likely to benefit in the long-term.

Overall, the influence of a teacher will come either in the form of influencing their personality or influencing their education. From helping them to overcome learning gaps, showing them that they can progress and grow as a student, to keeping them focused and their ego in check, teachers are essential to the growth and improvement of their students.

For any young child, then, it’s essential that they listen to their teachers. Especially for those who dream of being involved in athletic pursuits, it’s absolutely essential that they are taught in a manner that encourages them to stay focused. Academic learning must amplify athletic coaching, not replace it. So, never underestimate the influence of good teachers!


Just as a child will need good quality teaching to help them grow intellectually, good coaching is needed for athletic prowess. However, the problem with a coach having an influence on the life of a young athlete is that there must be a mutual connection. A young athlete who finds themselves trained by a coach who cannot amplify their strengths may need a new coach.

A good quality coaching that suits your child can be a massive positive influence on them for the rest of their lives. The wrong coach, either with the wrong attitude towards the kind of athlete your child is, or to how they approach each other on a persona level, can set your child back many years. As such, it’s vital that you find them a coach whom they can feel inspired by. A coach should be able to help your child feel excited and ambitious about the future; they should also challenge them to want to keep improving.

The best coaches are ones who look to help your child amplify their strengths whilst masking their weaknesses. Being the complete athlete is almost impossible; good coaching is about spotting what strengths an individual has, and making them front and centre of everything that they do. If you would like to do that, then you have to be willing and able to work with coaches to ensure they can help your child to grow.

The main issue is leaving your child with a coach whom they do not respect or resonate with. At the same time, though, you must not find a coach who simply coddles children or lets them self-educate. Look to find a coach who is happy to accept flaws and limitations, but is ambitious in their pursuit of helping every child make the most of their skills.


Of course, the parents play the most important role in the development of any child. As the parent of your child, you must be prepared to make sacrifices to help your child become who they wish to be. Whether they wish to pursue an academic study, or they are someone who wishes for an athletic future, it is your job to make sure that you can help your child to grow and develop.

For example, anyone in Sharjah Dubai will know that the quality of facilities across the area are of amazing standards. From fielding them in a local football academy for football classes to helping them find football coaches who best understand their skills, parents play a crucial role in their child growing. The main problem that you likely have is straddling the line between encouragement and taking control.

As a parent, you hire football coaches and you invest in education for your child to let the experts take control. Instead of being the font of all knowledge for your child, you are expected to find the best people for them to learn from. Then, as a parent, it’s up to you work with teachers and coaches in whatever pursuit it is that your child wishes to undertake.

You would be expected to be there to support your child, following along with the best advice and parameters set out by their coaches. If you done this for long enough, you would be left with a child who is in a much stronger place physically and mentally.

You will also be much more likely to see results, as your child will feel like you can be the barrier between teaching and coaching. Encouragement and positive engagement will be absolutely essential to helping your child make that next step from wishing to be a success to actually achieving success.

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