The importance of Vitamins and minerals in the body

For any parent, one of the most important things that you can do is make sure your children are eating and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a tough thing to do, though, with so many distractions today. From fast food to the internet and social media, getting our children to stop eating junk food and/or sitting on social media/the internet all day is tough, tough work. That’s why you should always look to try and get the following vitamins and minerals into their diet.

Alongside a healthy dose of working out and staying fit, your children should really benefit from the following minerals. Try and get them attached to some kind of sporting activity, such as football coaching in Dubai, and they will soar. However, to help them grow from being healthy children to healthy adults, you do need to make sure they are eating the right kinds of food.

To do that, we recommend that you look to find food and supplements that can give your children the following benefits. If you do this, you will find that your children will grow up to be much happier and healthier children overall.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K

The four most important vitamins that you could get into the life of your children are the four major Vitamins. These are vitamins A, D, E, and K. all four of these are going to be essential to helping your children to grow and become both mentally and physically healthy. Most of the time, though, you can find all of these major ingredients through sources such as the following:

  • A regular helping of liver. While liver is not the most enjoyable meal, when it’s packed with so many minerals and vitamins it should become a big part of their day-to-day diet.
  • More oily fish. Try and get as much fish oils into their diet as you can. If your children are not a fan of fish and you cannot change their mind, get some fish oil supplements to use.
  • Animal fats. If your children eat meat, then you can find that most meats will contain at least some of these vitamins. If they don’t eat meat, you might need to find supplements.
  • Dairy products. Unless your child is allergic or does not eat dairy products, this is one of the easiest ways to imbue their body with all four of these vital vitamins going forward.
  • Vegetable oils. When used in cooking and the like, these vegetable oils can go a long way to giving your children a happy and natural boosting of minerals through their food.

For Vitamin D, your best bet is to try and get out in the sun a bit more. If you want to get your children out in the hot weather and the sun with a genuine purpose, then you should get them to join a football academy in Dubai.

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Vitamin B

You might notice that Vitamin B was not mentioned above. Vitamin B, and all of its various forms, are the most important of all vitamins. Since Vitamin Bs are not stored in the body for future consumption, you need to regularly take in products (or supplements) with Vitamin B included in them. You should look to try and take in as much about Vitamin B as you can. Your children need it, and they can most often get Vitamin B if they eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and veg are also loaded with two vital extras; folic acid, and Vitamin C. It’s common for a child to have a low folic acid count or a Vitamin C deficiency. If they do, then you should look to have them take in more milk/dairy foods (if possible) or try and include some more grains in their diet. Alternatively, some more fruit and vegetables will often contain what you need.

Vital Minerals

Of course, you also need to make sure that your children are getting enough minerals. Minerals come in all forms, and they can most often be found in our food. If you want to try and boost mineral intake, then you should look to try and make sure that your children start eating a larger mix of:

  • Fruit and vegetables; don’t just stick to one type, though. Vary it up and buy numerous fruit styles that you think your children would enjoy.
  • Milk and dairy. If your child is capable of taking in milk and other dairy goods, they can get a lot of good minerals – as well as probiotics – from eating milk and dairy foods.
  • Nuts are a great snack if you are looking to give your child something simple to snack on. Buy unsalted nuts and they can enjoy a nice mineral boost as well as good dietary fibre.
  • Fresh meats which are hung for the correct time to allow for maximum vitamin intake.
  • Most cereals (those without sugar etc.) are great for loading the body with minerals such as Iron.
  • Fish is a brilliant solution for making sure that your children can start eating a mineral-rich diet. Fish are some of the most minerally nutritious foods in the world.

If you can get into the habit of giving your children the help that they need with their mineral intake, then you should absolutely look to try and find some of the above food products. This is essential for the health of your children, as these minerals work to:

  • Keep their bones and their teeth in good, natural condition moving forward.
  • Control and improve the management and regulation of bodily fluids.
  • Utilise energy and make sure that their food is used to fuel their bodies.

With all of the above, then, you can soon see why vitamins and minerals are such a big part of caring for our bodies. If you want to help your children look and feel their best, keep all of this in mind. Alongside more physical exercise, a good diet can help to build the foundations of a happy, healthy, and successful life.

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