The importance of sleeping for kids playing sports

In life, it’s often understated just how important it is that your kids can get a good quality sleep at night. Sleeping quality is often one of the most undervalued features of a happy and healthy lifestyle. That’s why so many of us choose to invest in working with our kids to have some fun and to enjoy the art of sleeping. Sleeping is often seen as a chore, a necessity. If you have kids who are intent on learning how to play footbaThe importance of sleeping for kids playing sportsll in a football academy, though, you’ll soon find out why sleep is so essential.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why sleep should never be something that you underestimate when it comes to the quality of life that your child gets to lead.

Life is busy for a child

While adults like to think that going back to childhood would be easy, it’s really not. As a child, you often have a lot of things to do in your day in a body that has less energy than an adult. There’s a school for a start, followed by as much social time as you can fit in. Whether that’s at a football academy or just down the street with friends, life is busy for a child.

Add in homework and sports practice, and it’s no wonder children are often ready for bed far earlier than you would expect. You need to get your child the time that they need to sleep fully and properly at night. A failure to recognise just how busy life can be for a child is a hard thing to deal with. Make sure you don’t let your children skip those essential sleeps; give them every opportunity to get the required rest.

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Children need more sleep

Did you know that children need more sleep than an adult? It’s recommended that adults get 6-8 hours of sleep, depending on lifestyle and various other factors. However, children really should be getting anything from 10-11 hours of sleep every single night. However, it’s an individual factor and you cannot just go for this arbitrarily.

If your child is attending a football academy, then ask the coaches at their football classes how they seem. Do they seem to have enough energy in games? Do they seem to have physical energy but lack mental energy?

All of these factors do come into play, so keep them in mind. A child needs to get anything beyond 9 hours of sleep to ensure they can rest and recuperate. Your child will become irritable and unable to think with clarity if they aren’t sleeping enough. Avoid that problem as often as you can.

Get the right kind of sleep

Of course, what good is an 11-hour sleeping session if you spend 9.5 hours of it tossing and turning, waking up, and basically not sleeping? It’s a common issue for a lot of children. The thing that we recommend that you do is make sure that you bring a curfew for electronic entertainment 2-3 hours before bed.

It’s going to help them to shut off a bit before sleep. At the very least, make sure that you use a night light on every kind of electronic device. This changes blue lights to a redder shade, which is less likely to impact on the eyes and thus more likely to help your child get their head down at night when the time comes.

Your children need a good quality of sleep at night, not just a good quantity of sleep!

Create a bedroom routine if you can

The best thing that you can do is break inconsistency when it comes to your children getting to sleep at night. You should look to help set some kind of routine; this means that things like dinner, sports practice, exercise, washing up, domestic duties, showers, and then the bed should all be done with some form of consistency.

While a small delay is fine, it’s not good to have dinner at 4 PM one day and then 6 PM the next. Create a kind of balance as best you can; it’s going to really help your kids get to sleep at night. It will also help to ensure that they know what is coming. When your child feels like they are living life off the cuff, being forced to go to sleep before they are ready is an irritant. Therefore, create a routine to help tire them out!

Exercise earlier in the day

A common mistake is that many people exercise just before they go to bed, thinking that it will tire them out. While an admirable goal, it does not really work in practice. You should instead look to exercise earlier on in the day as it will ensure that your children will get all the chances they need to sleep properly.

Exercise has a tiring effect on the body and the mind, but in the immediate aftermath, you’ll feel a jolt of energy. As such, make sure that your child can go for a fun and satisfying exercise session at least a few hours before bed. This will make it much more likely that when they go to sleep, they will be able to keep their head down and actually rest for the evening instead.

Stop using the bed as a chair

One thing that you might notice is that your children tend to have a poorer quality of sleep if they sit on their bed during the day. From reading to doing homework through to playing video games, any child who sits on their bed recreationally is creating an incorrect appraisal of what their bed is for.

Instead, you should look to make sure they have a chair to sit in for all other seated activities. The bed should be just for sleeping; this creates an instant association with the bed as a thing for sleep, nothing more.

The importance of getting good quality sleep for a child cannot be disputed. Using the tips and ideas above, you should be much more likely to help get your child settled down for the evening exactly as you had intended.

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