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star football academy APPWhen it comes to joining the Star Football Academy, our team has been working in the background to make it easier for parents to sign-up. The Star Football Academy is one of the premium sporting academies in Dubai, offering you all of the opportunities that you could need to get top-level, professional support and assistance. However, we know that signing up can be confusing – that’s why we have developed the Star Football Academy App!

Our new app is going to help you make sure that you can sign-up, join in with us, and utilise everything that our academy in Dubai has to offer you. For parents, making sure that their children can enjoy the thrill of being involved in competitive sports is a vital part of their personal development. Not only will they gain essential fitness training and assistance, but they will also be provided with the ideal opportunities to develop skills that could, in time, become a vital part of their professional life.

Whether you wish to help your child stay fit, make friends, or take the long path to become a professional athlete, the Stars Football Academy in Dubai is here to help. To get involved today, you simply need to download our app.

The Star Football Academy App

To get involved today, all that you need to do is download our app for either Android or iOS. Once downloaded, you will have access to a wide variety of useful skills that you can start using to your advantage. These include:

  • Sign up and register with our football coaching academy program using the online application.
  • Access our online e-learning platform and start getting help with coaching at home.
  • Redeem points that you can then use for Star Football Academy sessions, uniform m friendly game and summer camps.

This helps you to get all of the help that you need to make intelligent calls with regards to getting involved. Making sure that your child can enjoy the academy coaching that we provide is going to go a long way to making sure they can enjoy a happier, more comfortable lifestyle and physical development.

Of course, the Star Football Academy Dubai is about more than simply fitness. We teach our students about the essential parts of being in a team-based environment, including:

  • Engaging with your teammates and ensuring everyone is respected and given time to adapt.
  • Supporting one another when a teammate needs assistance, giving each other proper assistance.
  • Building confidence both on the pitch and off it, helping you to develop your leadership skills.
  • Improving your ability to solve problems and fix issues that you face as a team.
  • Learning to rely upon the skills and strengths of others to help you amplify your own strengths.
  • Accepting your own limitations and working as a group to overcome them in full.

If you would like to take part in this kind of coaching program for your children, then the Star Football Academy in Dubai would love to have you. Simply download the official app for our academy, and getting involved will be an amazing start for your child learning journey with us.