Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Stop Playing Sports During Exam Times

playing sport during exams For most school children, engaging in sports like joining a football Academy in Sharjah or Dubai can be a great extracurricular activity; one that surely offers a lot of innumerable benefits. Socializing, character building and healthy living are just a few of them, and most parents are always glad to see their children doing great in their studies and in sports. But the narrative can change especially when exams are approaching. The apprehension that sports can interfere with how much time your child dedicates to his/her studies while having to keep up with their Football training program that most sports activities bring, is a very scary one. It gets parents asking questions such as:

  • Will my child study adequately for his/her upcoming exams and all the
  • Isn’t there a possibility that my child can break down from the stress of carrying sports along with studying?
  • What if he sustains a sports injury and is unable to partake in the exams; won’t that extend the number of years he/she has to study?
  • And so many other questions.

The end result is usually the parents withdrawing their child from all sporting activities such as football classes  to enhance concentration in exam preparation. However, if your child is enrolled in a sporting academy with values and qualified coaches then sporting academy will help them to get better results are school. While this may seem to be the best solution to ensuring that your sporting child achieves and/or maintains top grades at school, the opposite is often the end result. Studies have shown that prohibiting a child from engaging in sports during an exam period actually backfires and can leave to low grades instead of the high grades which they’re seemingly supposed to help achieve.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not stop your child from playing sports during exam times.

1.     Motivation

School children who are actively engaged in one sports activity or the other testify that combining sports to their studies during exam periods always gives them something to look forward to after a long day at school, and especially after grueling exams. This break from the monotonous nature of exam periods can help to keep your school child motivated towards getting those A+ grades you wish for them.

A great technique that has worked for many parents and their children is fixing practice time after study time, i.e., ensuring that your child only practices sports activities after they must have completed an hour or two of studying. The interest your child has in sports will provide all the motivation he/she needs to study adequately for his/her exams. The Star Football Academy keeps timing in mind and has a football schedule that support most families.

2.     Control over “Exam Fever”

One very essential benefit of engaging in sports activities is that it teaches the art of emotional control. Virtues like resilience and pressure control/management are easily picked from sports and so, allowing your child to continue playing sports during exam period equips and helps them maintain their ability to approach tough exams with positivity and resilience. It helps them to maintain their cool even if the exam questions wage war. Please see article Dealing with Disappointment, although it talks about sporting disappointments it can also relate to building resilience that helps with focus that is important in studying for exams.

As such, all the fears that come with sitting for exams are more easily tackled and managed by school children who do not stop playing sports even during exam times.

3.     Improves learning and knowledge retention

Sports helps individuals develop mental alertness and sharp retentive memory. This is because the drill associated with sports activities is designed in such a way that enhances the remembrance of the moves and skills needed to maneuver efficiently during games.

Supporting your child’s sports practice during exam period assists in ensuring and maintain your child’s ability to recall information and this is very crucial for examination success.  Our coaches  have physical education degrees and understand the use or repetitive recall and active problem solving skills, this can transfer over to studies at it helps strengthen memory and focussing on solving problems.

Some school children even try to use their sports practice sessions to memorize and further fix what they had learned during their study period. This active state mind is thus, very useful in helping your child excel in his/her studies and/or exams.

4.     Good Health

There is nothing as troubling as having a child who is sick during his/her exam periods. It can be the ultimate “peace-thief”. The fear of poor performance at the exams and/or losing a whole school year in extreme cases can be a very serious issue.

Fortunately, sports helps to improve overall health and reduces the chances of falling sick. Allowing your child to continue practicing sports while studying for exams and even during exams helps to keep your child physically fit, strong and healthy. Thus, helping keep your child in the right state for exams and averting the possibilities of losing parts of or even a full school year.

Even if you worry about them sustaining a sports injury, you can avert such situation by ensuring sports safety via the provision of adequate sports equipment.

5.     Stress management

Many parents confess that they worry that their school children may break down from combining studies/school work with consistent sports practice especially during the exam period.

Well! The opposite is actually the case. A balanced approach to study and sports can help your child aim for great school grades while shedding off the stress that comes with it, via sports practices. Sports is a great stress reliever. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

So instead of stressing out your child, staying physically active helps your child to manage stress especially examination stress.

The secret is to ensure that your child studies before engaging in sports. This way, the rest they get after practice plus the endorphins released can help them stay on top of their game and away from the bad sides of stress.

It is thus evident from these 5 reasons above that your child is way off better playing sports during exam times. Being able to stay motivated for the exams, to manage exam fever, to stay healthy, to be mentally alert and focused, and to manage stress can ultimately help your child to get the very best grades at school, as against popular opinion.

The goal should be to support and assist your child in striking a balance between study and sports, during exam times. Reducing the amount of time inputted into sports practice in the event where the child is seemingly overwhelmed. Children have the tendency to oversubscribe and so, instead of restraining them totally from their passion, it is better to help them kill two birds with one stone. at Star Football Academy we speak to the players about the importance of finding the balance between school and their football training and we make sure we pass the same message across all our venues in Sharjah and Dubai.

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