Sport and Diet during Ramadan the Holy Month

Are you thinking of stopping your regular exercise during Ramadan? Think again! I will explain when is the best time to exercise according to what type of sport you like to perform. What food will help you to stay fit and healthy?

Exercise and Fasting:

For those people that think training is off limits during Ramadan the news – I am here to tell you that is wrong, but it is vital to know what to eat and when to play sport during the Holy Month. These are the best three options according to what sport you like to play:

Option 1 at night after Taraweeh prayers is the best time to weight train during Ramadan as by that time you should have eaten many meals, and there is plenty of water in your system. You should be able to exercise for a long time, but it always recommended to avoid high-intensity exercises during Ramadan.

Option 2 before Taraweeh pray if you do not like to stay up late at night. It is advisable for the exercises to be short and intensive and kept to an absolute maximum of 30 minutes.

Option 3 Suhur time around 3:30 in the morning. If you are looking for maximum weight loss, wake up early and have plenty of water and tea. Wait around 30 minutes then you can start your workout.

Option four the second best time to do cardio is 30 to 45 minutes after Light Iftar.

Option 5 an hour before Iftar that will help to refresh the body immediately. Please remember low-intensity exercises are best for your body during this month. The aim is to stay fit – not to improve our fitness! You want to know more about our Academy click here 

What Food should we eat?

Maintaining a healthy diet is the important part of staying healthy during Ramadan as 70% of staying fit is your diet, and the 30% is being active.

Taking a sufficient amount of liquid is essential to help your body maintain the healthy exercise routine during the holy month. You should have many carbohydrates, whole grain, and one small protein portion during Suhur. During or after Iftar, have one carbohydrate portion and plenty of protein such as white fish.

How much water should I drink?

People should drink 2.5l of water between Iftar and before going to sleep. It is recommended that people drink 35ml of water per kg of body weight, and drink it over a period of time, not all at once.