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The Star football Academy was the first private Sharjah Football club with a philosophy that all players should have the opportunities to try football skills training in a team sport. Here is the belief system that we stand by in our Sharjah football club:

  • All players are valued and have the right and opportunity to be part of a team and participate in football skills training, friendly games and tournament events in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Coaching is differentiated to support players to achieve their own personal goals and skill growth. Not all players learn and develop the same so coaching needs to adjust to their needs.
  • Players have access to the best Sharjah Football training club facilities and the health and safety of the players is paramount.
  • Open communication between players, parents, coaches and the wider communication to consistently develop, improve and reinforce proactive and productive strategies.
  • All coaches, players, parents and community involvement in the Sharjah Football club support the core values of the Star Football Academy, this ensures a safe and encouraging environment for our Sharjah football club.

A very important element of our football youth training program is to have a learning goal that is age and ability appropriate for the player to achieve as this becomes meaningful in their development. We construct our programs from many different soccer schools around the world. The UK, Spanish, Holland, Brazilian and Argentine style either by working with coaches from these countries, doing Football courses or getting training programs. We strive to cover all different styles of teaching in every session and we change the programs that we have to suit our player’s needs and abilities.

We have a learning platform where students watch videos to master their skills and we are looking to give individual feedback for all the players that join our Star Football Academy. If parents would like to work with their children we provide a program that supports them to have fun with their children and train them in the right way to improve their individual skills.
Students join the Star Football Academy and the football camps to have fun, be part of a team, and to have a healthier lifestyle. The health benefits of playing a sport in a fun environment encourage an active lifestyle later on when the player reaches adulthood.
Football is not just kicking a ball with your child, it encompasses many skills that will impact on their lifestyle. Here are some benefits for the future of your child:

  • Have a healthy balanced life
  • Being organized
  • Time smart
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Having a healthy social life and learn to be part pf team or leader in a team
  • Respect