Seven key factors when choosing a football academy for your child

how to choose football academy For anyone who wants to help their children get more into football, joining a football academy is essential. Good quality football academies exist all across the United Arab Emirates. This can make finding what is the right academy for your children quite tough. If you worry that you may be struggling with this, then you might want to take a look at some of the tips that we have for you below.

Keep these in mind, and you should find it much easier to choose the best football academies around.

Where is the football academy based?

First and foremost, make sure that any football academies that you consider are places you can reach. Whether by car or by foot, you want to make sure that your children can easily be taken to and from their football academies. This is a big part of the process, as you want to know that your child can make it to their sessions without issue.

This might mean looking around into each of the nearby academies, but it will help you make a better choice. Don’t travel too far if you can avoid it, though. see Star Football Acadmey Locations

What does the football charge?

The vast majority of the best football academies will come with coaching costs. You have to decide what you can afford to pay for football coaching for your children. If you come up with a plan that you are happy with, then you should look to invest in their academic coaching ASAP.

Make sure that you can afford the cost of the desired football academies before you try to sign-up, though. You must have the financial means to pay for your academy place. Once you consider that, what next? Check the best prices for Football Classes in UAE 

Who is the football acadmey coaches?

The next most important question that you need to ask yourself is who the coaches are? What record do they have?

Every football academy should be able to give you detailed and thorough information about each member of their coaching staff. This should give you total confidence that they can do the job that is a successful way. Look for a Football coaches that they follow a program with the kids as it very important to have your child being directed in the right way from the start. Is this the right level?

When looking at the many football academies across the UAE, you’ll find that there are various levels. Some academies are for children who wish to socialize and stay fit. Others are for serious youngsters who want to try and make a go at being a professional footballer.

You have to decide what kind of level you want your child to start. Be honest about their present quality, and then you can make a decision from here about whether or not the academy is right for them. Think of your child, not your ego: what is their realistic present level?

Is there a pathway for the football academy?

Many football academies have some form of link with a professional football club, or clubs from abroad. You would benefit by seeing what kind of pathway exists – is there a chance to go from this football academy to joining up with an actual sporting club in the future?

While no guarantees will exist, you will find out if a pathway does exist that you should look to take part in. The best academies will often have some form of link with a football club, making it easier for your child to progress to the next level.

Is there a track record for the player of the football academy?

Also, be sure to look at the kind of academy that your child is looking at joining. Do they have a track record for helping to get children into football, either as coaches or as players? We recommend that you take that into account.

A good football coaching academy will have the means to help you get out there and find a spot for your child in a full sporting team. They should have a track record in developing children so that, directly or indirectly, they have the chance to get involved in the game in some capacity. Check to Star the only Football Academy with E-learning facilities that will keep the record of all the kids, view the lessons before training and get a performance report about the child.

Are the facilities good enough?

Once you know that the people at the academy are of the correct quality, it’s time to look at their facilities. How well do they handle the facilities side of things? Is there a genuine chance for your child to benefit from using the facilities here?

Look at what they have on offer compared to local facilities and sporting teams. It should offer a meaningful solution to help your child to grow. From analysis to fitness tools as well as training facilities, the best football academies have the correct tools.

Are they realistic?

One thing that you should look to avoid is football academies who build egos, not players. Look to avoid any academy that tries to make promises or guarantees. In a country with such a growing and intense football passion as the UAE, there is no guarantee that your child can make it in the professional game.

As with any other form of coaching, you want to have realists who are in charge. Look to avoid any football academy that makes grandiose claims or promises about how it can make your child a professional. It’s best to avoid any kind of academy built on such hyperbole: it’s often not good for a youngster to have that kind of expectation so early in life.

It’s instead essential to have football academies who can prepare your child for a future in the sport, whether that is as a coach, a player, or anything else. When scouting out the various facilities that look to help your child, make sure you look as tightly as you can at their attitude towards progression.

Any facility making claims that cannot be substantiated or guaranteed should be avoided. Instead, look for fact-driven, developmentally-specific facilities. This is far more likely to result in the kind of results that you want, which is lasting personal improvement and progression. read more why Star Football Academy is different.