At the Star Football Academy, one thing that we know helps players of all ages is playing in tournaments. Tournament play is the best way by far to improve a young player and to give them the confidence and the belief that they need to improve, grow, and develop as young players. If you choose to work with our academy, then you will be able to enjoy a much more satisfying level of play through a tournament.

This one-day tournament is a great chance for a young player to find their own ability and to engage with teammates. After all, football is a social sport as much as it is a tactical or competitive one. Being able to form a good bond with other players and other positions is a vital part of growth for a young footballer. We can help your children to make the progress that they need through our one-day tournament program.

This is the ideal way to help them grow and improve as well as to help them well and truly find the ‘football bug’ that you want them to catch so dearly. For help in making your kids love the game like never before, then, join a one-day tournament!