Have you taken part in a Star Football Academy trail session? Then you might feel ready to join the academy. We hope that you do, as we love to bring the best young talent(s) in Sharjak together to help them improve. If you register today with the Star Football Academy, you will be given access to the academy and have the chance to start training and playing with us on a regular basis!

Best of all, though, anyone who registers with us will be given a FREE Star Football Academy football uniform. You’ll also get an easy online learning access system that allows you to come to the Star Football Academy website and use our E-Learning program online. Many parents find that the information they get from this is an essential part of helping them develop and improve how they take part in coaching their child. Remember, you have your own role to play in making sure that your child can fulfil their potential.

With the Star Football Academy, though, it’s so easy to ensure that this happens. With online learning and information available through registration, we make sure that you have all the information you need to learn everything you require to know.