As a parent, it’s so hard to find the balance between work and getting your kids to the football. While training is essential to their long-term development, safe travel is equally vital. At the Star Football Academy, though, you are working with an academy who cares about getting this exciting young group of talent to and from training.

With this package, then, you are arranging a pick-up and drop-off service for two sessions per week. We’ll pick them and take them to our Sharjah football academy before binging them back home safe and sound. Our team have a dedicated transport network that we use, using modern vehicles and the best drivers that we can. This helps you to relax knowing that your child is getting taken to their football practice in Sharjah by safe, professional drivers.

Now, if your main problem is finding the time to letting your children go to football, you don’t have to worry any longer. With the Star Football Academy, you can book up the transport option that you need so that they can always make training. It’s just what you need to ensure you don’t have to compromise between transit and training any longer!