Too busy to make the regular training session we hold at the Star Football Academy? Then fear not. For a small fee, you can arrange pick-up and drop-off for your child to our Sharjah football academy. This means that you can have three of the days booked up and readied so that you know your kid is being looked after. This means that you can focus 100% on work instead of having to take half-days or anything like that. Simply cover our transport costs, and we are more than happy to pick up and drop off your child at home.

Practice is the most important part of any young player’s development, and we cannot stress enough how important it is that they get to take part. If you would like to engage with us and make sure that you can get your child picked up and dropped off three times per week, you simply need to order this package.

We can then arrange all the details that you need to give us so that we can make sure we are always on-time to take your little star to the next training session to take their game even further again. so, what are you waiting for? Give us a call!