Are you looking to help your child(ren) get into football properly? Then you can book up for a one-time football session with the Star Football Academy. With our academy, you can make a simple online payment to book in a session to try out for our various age groups. These age groups will ensure that your child joins a level that is suited to their physical and tactical development.

If you join up with the Star Football Academy, this session will immediately help your child to know if they wish to continue. Please note that most of the work done by the Star Football Academy is managed by coaches from the UK who focus on ball training and improvement tactically. If you want to help your children enjoy a session like never before, then coming to one of our sessions makes sense.

They’ll learn so much about the game and find an easy way to improve their own technique and playing style. Our aim, then, is simple: to help every young player who we work with to find their skill and their technique accordingly. Take a session and come find out!