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For any young player to develop truly, they need more than just exciting training sessions. Training is the bedrock of their improvement, but a young player needs to be given more than just training. You get used to who you train with, which can limit and even inhibit growth. At the Star Football Academy, though, we are part of a deeply competitive and high-quality league across Dubai and Sharjah. If you choose to take part in our academy, then you will be part of the league system.

Your child would be given the chance to enjoy a competitive, engaging experience by playing alongside a raft of interesting talent. They’ll be forced to look at themselves and adapt to the new challenges that will come up. It’s all about improving their ability to see the game from a new perspective and force them to come up against player types they don’t meet in the academy.

The payment for league games is a vital part of making sure that we can afford to keep entering and improving our players. If you wish to help your child develop, then, make sure they are taking part in our exhaustive, exciting league program.

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