When you want to take the football experience to the next level at Star Football Academy, it pays to do it in the right way. Taking on more training and football classes is always the best way for a player of any skill level to improve. With our football classes in Dubai, you can start attending sessions two days per week with us. The level of improvement that this can make to your game is huge. We recommend that any young player with a desire to improve takes part.

One session per week is fine, but two will give us far more time to work with you. Together, we can refine your game and help you to improve, grow, and develop into a much more rounded footballer. That extra time per week, too, will mean that you get to participate regularly in the various events and games held at the Star Football Academy.

If you want to enjoy your football coaching in Dubai, then you can come to the Star Football Academy and enjoy two days of training per week with us for four weeks.