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Three sessions per week (12 sessions in 4 weeks)


Got a child who wants to take their game to the next level? Then book in for tri-weekly sessions with the Star Football Academy. As a football academy in Sharjah, we want to keep players as busy as they can be. With this package, you are paying for a 4-week slot of sessions, with three sessions per week. That’s a whopping 12 sessions across the four weeks. With 90 minutes in each slot, think about how much learning and development your child can do in that time!

With regular game time and recorded training sessions, too, we make it so easy for you to watch games and sessions back. This allows you to all work together with the Star Football Academy to find the best way to help your child grow, develop, and change as a young footballer.

Our dream is to help your child make their dreams as a football come true. But that can only happen if there is enough training!

Practice makes perfect, and at the Star Football Academy, we can make it so easy to find the practice time that you need. For help in building a quality and exciting regular training program, then, start today.

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