One session per week (4 sessions in 4 weeks) – STAR FOOTBALL ACADEMY

One session per week (4 sessions in 4 weeks)


At the Star Football Academy, we make sure that your child can enjoy at least 90 minutes of productive football coaching each week. With so much time to use in any given day, why not make sure that your child is using at least 90 minutes of their time to learn, grow, and improve as an athlete?

With our football classes once per week, you make sure they can come along and keep growing as a young footballer. With all sessions recorded and then reviewed as well as weekly league games and friendlies, our football academy in Dubai is fun-filled and exciting. With regular matches internally and across the region, we make sure that you get to enjoy some amazingly exciting trips and games.

It’s all about learning to develop, and that extra one day per week can be essential to helping your child improve their football skills drastically. This session program will pay for one session per week for a four-week period. Now, you know that your child has a fantastic learning opportunity waiting for them as part of our Sharjah football academy program through the Star Football Academy!

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