When your child shows the passion and the desire to go all the way as a young player, you must support their needs. At the Star Football Academy, the best thing that we can recommend is that your child takes part in the following training regime. This package covers twenty sessions in total, with five sessions per week spread across four weeks.

Each session is a 90-minute blockbuster that will improve the tactical awareness, the control of the ball, and the athletic prowess of your child. We’ll involve them in regular games, matches, friendlies, and tournaments. The Star Football Academy is also a major part of the football league scene here, and your child can look forward to developing in a deeply competitive, exciting, and engrossing sporting experience.

If you would like your young one to enjoy the experience of finding out what being a footballer can really feel like, now is the time to show them. Come and join the Star Football Academy and commit them to five weekly sessions per week. Before long, the continuous growth and development that they show should give you all the confidence that you need to know that you have made 100% the right decision!