Private Football lessons

private football classes

Star Football Academy are showcasing their expertise in youth football by providing opportunities for individuals and small groups to have focused private football training. The individual or small group sessions are available for all abilities aged between 3 years to 16 years of age from the comfort of your own garden or even a park area convenient to your home.

While players dedicate themselves to attending sessions in the week there are still many opportunities to practice on their own. Our expert coaches deliver outstanding individual football training techniques that cover all areas of football.  These intense training sessions can help take a player’s game to the next level. The Star Football Academy’s Individual soccer training provides the following:

  • Provides focused sessions for all abilities for players aged from 3 years to 16
  • Practice techniques and skills that are more easily learned outside the game environment
  • Shape and evaluate the player to build sessions to best support each individual child
  • Build on strengths to develop the player’s skills
  • Work on weaker areas to master them and use them in a game
  • Learn new techniques that build confidence and problem-solving in tactical and technical play
  • Gain strength and stamina to help in playing in games and in a team.
  • Explore and learn the different positions and the skills that are needed for that position

Each Football session consists of drills that are based on the unique program that the Star Football Academy has developed based on elite professional academies from around the world. Learning , improving individual football skills, as well as stamina and strength, is the focus of our individual sessions. Our Individual football training sessions helps gain a level of fitness that improves and builds on techniques and skills of the player. The coach will guide the player to reach personal targets and goals. Our individual football training sessions have focused goals and each session will provide quality professional coaching that will help players to develop at a faster pace.

The Star Football Academy provides the following outstanding services in each individual session:

  • UEFA Qualified and experienced coaches that understand the developmental stages of players using age-appropriate language.
  • Our distinctive programs use age-appropriate techniques led by our experienced coaches. Players learn all aspects of the game including ball skills, dribbling, shooting and decision making skills in Football.
  • An E-Learning system that supports all ages and abilities. Players can watch videos with their families before and after the session that supports the skills the player is focusing on.
  • The E-Learning system is also used for communication, feedback and a performance report with age-specific language.
  • Coaches track the players using reflective practice to develop and work with the player to set achievable goals and personal targets.
  • 60-minute sessions that allow for focused skills to be taught and practiced including 
  • Ball mastery
  • Different shooting techniques
  • Passing and receiving
  • Body Shape and movement
  • warm-up and cool-down activities
  • We have kept the cost to an affordable price, the location and travelling time will be the key to know the set price per session for individual players. There is an option to pay for individual sessions or on a monthly basis. As we tell younger players the more practice the better the outcome so being consistent will help in improving skills, fitness, and gameplay. Registration couldn’t be easier as members can register and pay online, at the session in person or with a bank transfer.

What are you waiting for? Have fun, get fit, meet new people and enjoy playing Football!

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