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games at star football academyPlaying games is the sold foundation of Star football Academy. Every week there is a friendly game with another football club or football academy. All our players have the opportunity to play frie4ndly games regardless of their abilities. Our program incorporates playing games for real-life experiences in reinforcing tactical skills and problem-solving in technical aspects of the game.

Players develop a better understanding of the games when they are working together in a team and applying their knowledge and understanding during playing games. During the football games, the coaches concentrate on the skills and game play rather than the score and reflect with the players. Reflection is part of our program as players can reflect on their strengths and the skills they may want to set as a goal for themselves. we are the only football academy that video record the training sessions and the games so the players get to see what thye are doing what is their strength and what are their weakness.

Playing games in tournaments and leagues are also important and players get the opportunity to be in a process of making it through the ranks. The Star Football Academy has made many local and international partnerships that support playing games on a regular basis. For players that have advance skills, there are tournament and league games available by invitation as well.

Start Football Academy also focusses on the community aspect of playing games as payers have the opportunity to show their friends and family the skills and understanding they are continually developing. Playing games builds trust within the team creating a sense of belonging and achievement. Having this supportive environment gives the players courage to take risks, try new skills and to challenge themselves. Playing games is also part of the session structure as the end of each session there is a group game. These session games are to practice and reinforce the sessions skills focused on in the session. The coach is able to get a good evaluation of each player’s understanding and support the player if needed.

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