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At the Star Football Academy, one of the most important benefits we provide stems from player development. Players who come to us of all ages are able to improve their game and develop new skills. These skills are both on-pitch skills, as well as off-pitch development as young athletes. However, part of our project is aimed at creating professionals. We want to give as many children in the UAE the opportunity to make it as a professional in their chosen sport. Our Star Football Academy program now operates a project specifically aimed at giving young players a chance to play in Europe.

Thanks to our partnership with the MSM Football Academy, we are now able to provide a program that takes children from the UAE to Europe. Here, they will visit key nations such as the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. These nations are seen as hotbeds of developing talent, where opportunities exist for players to build a future for themselves in the professional game.

Take part in European football with Star Football Academy

At the moment, we provide two camp options: a short camp session, or a year-long European program. We know that parents are keen to find out more about what happens during these camps, so we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have on the subject matter.

Our programs offer both short and long-term opportunities for UAE footballers to see what life in Europe is like. This agreement will allow children to play football at a high level in nations that are key to player development. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have become key ‘gateway countries’ in European football, offering opportunities to plays from across the globe. Many young players outside of Europe have been given their chance to thrive as part of the Czech and Slovak football systems.

The ability to get to Europe and play is a crucial feature for any young player who is keen to see all that professional football has to offer. Interested to find out more? Then contact us today.

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