Values at STAR Football Academy

Values at Star Football Academy

Football academy of excellence that includes Uk Qualified coaches , best online coaching program, latest teaching and coaching techniques with reflective practices better decision making and setting personal goals

our valuesAt Star Football Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment that brings out the best in our players. Here are the core values of our Football Academy:

Building Strong Relationships:

At Star Football Academy we have an open communication policy that builds trust with players, parents and the wider community. This is important as players feel supported and know they are learning in a positive environment. There are many communication pathways to suit all families these are: Face-to-face, telephone, email and our amazing E-Learning System.

Training and Coaching:

Our Star Football Academy has highly qualified coaches from the U.K. that uses positive language and reinforcement. We use the latest teaching and coaching techniques that support each child as a unique leaner and we differentiate our program to support each player. Our E-Learning System is a first in any UAE Football Academy and supports parents and players in building on skills and techniques.

Positive Attitudes:

Our coaching and session progression encourages positive attitudes that promote teamwork, fair play and inclusiveness. The players are taught to respect their peers, coaches and opposing players. This is a skill that is important in each child’s lifelong learning as players need to work respectfully in a team.

Reflective Practice:

Reflection is a key element to playing Football as it is a learning tool to guide the player in better decision making and setting personal goals. Coaches work closely with players to help with problem-solving and decision making as well as helping players build on their strengths and skills that need to be supported. Our E-Learning System gives a performance report to players to support their learning journey on their development and for goals to work towards.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Star Football Academy encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This includes being active and eating a well-balanced diet. Playing football has many health benefits and gives children an understanding of physical fitness and foods needed to give them energy during sports.