Star Football Academy’s New Venue at World Trade Centre

Star Football Academy’s New Venue at World Trade CentreThe Dubai World Trade Centre has been a hub in the Middle East for business, tourism and trade since 1979. Winning multiple esteemed awards for the contribution of excellence in providing opportunities in various business that has positively enhanced the Economy of Dubai and UAE. The Dubai World Trade Centre has grown into a major epicenter for creativity, global opportunities, and enhancing the future of Business and Economy in Dubai.

Star Football Academy is proud to have the opportunity to have a venue in this sought after location. With the vision of the academy in providing modern and outstanding football training that uses profession UEFA qualified and experienced coaches. Established by Coach Anees Makrous in 2008 the Academy has grown to become one of the most trusted Academies in the UAE building strong relationships in the community. The football academy has many unique achievements such as being the first academy to have an E-Learning platform that provides monitoring and development of each student with a monthly review. Video animation and an in-depth library providing students with a holistic approach to reinforce skills learned in lessons. The Star Football Academy is very pleased to be able to offer The World Trade Centre as one of its venues. read more about our locations

Please see the amazing value and information on the Star Football Academy in the offers below:

 Registration Fee at Star Football Academy during summer at The Dubai World Trade Center

Take part in a Star Football Academy trial session to see the wonderful coaching and make an informed decision to join the academy. Star Football Academy brings the best young talent(s) in the UAE supporting each player to help them reach their full potential. If you register today with the Star Football Academy, you will be given access to the academy and have the chance to start training and playing with the academy on a regular basis!

For a limited time, anyone who registers with us for the summer months will be given a FREE Star Football Academy football uniform! Also, members will get access to our easy online learning system that allows you to come to the Star Football Academy website and use our E-Learning program online. Many parents find that the information they get from this is an essential part of helping their child develop and improve how they take part in coaching their child. Remember, parents also have a role to play in making sure that their child can fulfill their potential.


Indoor Football Sessions

One Session Per Week

At the Star Football Academy, we make sure that your child can enjoy at least 90 minutes of productive football coaching each week. With so much time to use on any given day, why not make sure that your child is using at least 90 minutes of their time to learn, grow, and improve as an athlete?

With football classes once per week, parents can make sure that their child is active and keeps growing as a young footballer. With all sessions recorded and then reviewed as well as weekly league games and friendly matches, our football academy in Dubai is fun-filled and exciting. With regular matches internally and across the region, we make sure that you get to enjoy some amazing and exciting trips and games.

It’s all about learning to develop, and that extra one day per week can be essential to helping your child improve their football skills drastically. This session program will pay for one session per week for a four-week period. Register for a fantastic learning opportunity waiting for your child at Star Football Academy.


Twice a Week Sessions 

When you want to take the football experience to the next level at Star Football Academy, it pays to do it in the right way. Taking on more training and football classes is always the best way for a player of any skill level to improve. With our football classes in Dubai, you can start attending sessions two days per week with us. The level of improvement that this can make to your game is huge. We recommend that any young player with a desire to improve takes part.

One session per week is fine, but two will give us far more time to work with you. Together, we can refine your game and help you to improve, grow, and develop into a much more rounded footballer. That extra time per week, too, will mean that you get to participate regularly in the various events and games held at the Star Football Academy.

If you want to enjoy your football coaching in Dubai, then you can come to the Star Football Academy and enjoy two days of training per week with us for four weeks.

Three Times Per Week Sessions

Got a child who wants to take their game to the next level? Then book in for tri-weekly sessions with the Star Football Academy. As football academy, we want to keep players as busy as they can be. With this package, you are paying for a 4-week slot of sessions, with three sessions per week. That’s a whopping 12 sessions across the four weeks. With 90 minutes in each slot, think about how much learning and development your child can do in that time!

With regular game time and recorded training sessions, too, we make it so easy for you to watch games and sessions back. This allows you to all work together with the Star Football Academy to find the best way to help your child grow, develop, and change as a young footballer.

Our dream is to help your child make their dreams as a football player come true. But that can only happen if there is enough training!

Practice makes perfect, and at Star Football Academy we can make it so easy to find the practice time that you need. For help in building a quality and exciting regular training program, then, start today!


Four Times Per week football classes 

If your child is showing a genuine passion and aptitude for football, it’s time to step it up. At the Star Football Academy, we encourage players that are passionate about becoming footballers. With our academy, you can book in for a length of four weeks of training, with four days taken up by training. Each session lasts for 90 minutes, and that hour and a half will be recorded for easy watching back.

This gives you all the time and information that you need to help your child become the best young footballer that they can be. With our help and our expertise, we make sure that your child is playing in regular league games, tournament events, and friendly games. Alongside the educational boost they get from working with our UK-trained coaches, they’ll be able to develop much quicker.

The importance of regular and consistent training is vital to the development of a young star. At the Star Football Academy, we look to make sure that you can commit to as much time as you desire. Contact us today if you wish to know about our football classes in Sharjah and across Dubai.


Five Times Per Week Sessions 

When your child shows the passion and the desire to go all the way as a young player, you must support their needs. At the Star Football Academy, the best thing that we can recommend is that your child takes part in the following training regime. This package covers twenty sessions in total, with five sessions per week spread across four weeks.

Each session is a 90-minute blockbuster that will improve the tactical awareness, the control of the ball, and the athletic prowess of your child. We’ll involve them in regular games, matches, friendlies, and tournaments. The Star Football Academy is also a major part of the football league scene here, and your child can look forward to developing in a deeply competitive, exciting, and engrossing sporting experience.

If you would like your young one to enjoy the experience of finding out what being a footballer can really feel like, now is the time to show them. Come and join the Star Football Academy and commit them to five weekly sessions per week. Before long, the continuous growth and development that they show should give you all the confidence that you need to know that you have made 100% the right decision!


Flexibility is also Available!

Star Football Academy One Time Football Session 

Are you looking to help your child(ren) get into football properly? Then you can book a one-time football session with the Star Football Academy. With our academy, you can make a simple online payment to book in a session to try out for our various age groups. These age groups will ensure that your child joins a level that is suited to their physical and tactical development.

If you join up with the Star Football Academy, this session will immediately help your child to know if they wish to continue. Please note that most of the work done by the Star Football Academy is managed by coaches from the UK who focus on ball training and improvement tactically. If you want to help your children enjoy a session like never before, then coming to one of our sessions makes sense.

They’ll learn so much about the game and find an easy way to improve their own technique and playing style. Our aim, then, is simple: to help every young player who we work with to find their skill and their technique accordingly. Take a session and come find out!


Look Like a Star!

Star Football Academy uniform

For all young members of the Star Football Academy, we recommend that you get yourself the academy uniform. Given out for free to all of our young talent, you can buy a secondary kit if you would like to own another. Made to be both durable and comfortable, players can move around comfortably in their new academy uniform.

One thing we always focus on is making sure each player feels part of the team. With a Star Football Academy uniform, they will immediately feel a part of the team they represent. From a young age, having an affiliation to the uniform is a great part of building the mindset needed to succeed at the very top of the football pyramid.

For this reason, we recommend that you pick up one of these Star Football Academy uniform packages. While we do hand out a free uniform to everyone who signs up, we want to make sure that you can get your uniform as soon as possible. Let us help you get your child totally ready to take on the challenges of being a young footballer today!


Star football Academy Goalkeeper uniform

For a young goalkeeper, it always pays to feel good in the team kit. At the Star Football Academy, we have a goalkeeper uniform designed specifically for use by our young star shot-stoppers. This uniform works in unison with the uniform of the rest of the team, so that you can all feel as if you are indeed fighting for the same badge together!

At the Star Football Academy, we recommend that all young keepers invest in this kit. Parents should notice a genuine change in mood and confidence when their young player adopts the look they feel most comfortable with. It’s all about making sure that you can buy a quality keeper kit that retains its colour and condition even after many dives in the mud. If you want to make sure that your child feels like an official part of the Star Football Academy, then you should definitely invest in one of these uniforms. It’s a great way to help them know that they are progressing towards becoming the kind of talent that they can be. The kit gives them that added sense of belonging, showing them that they are now part of the Star Football Academy family.


Star football Academy Bag 

Let’s make taking part in our academy even easier for you with our Star Football Academy bag. These bags are made to be part of our uniform so that the players who we have can come to the academy and feel part of the official experience.

At the Star Football Academy, we care about making sure that you can enjoy picking up the best football accessories that you need. With one of our high quality bags, you can make it clear to everyone that you are part of our academy. This makes it much easier for you to keep your Star Football Academy kit in one place, and to represent the academy as you go about your other footballing activities.

We are proud to be one of the leading football academies in Dubai. We want you to feel good about being part of this academy, though, which is why we have such great little bags to pick from. For a simpler way of getting around and keeping your kit in the one place, then, you can pick up a Star Football Academy bag!


Star Football Academy Ball 

When you work with the Star Football Academy, one thing you will notice is that we are deeply focused on player technique. A footballer has to have a strong technique and the ability to move the ball around with total confidence. To make sure that they can do that, we have a Star Football Academy ball that everyone can buy.

This ball is designed to give them the easiest way to kick the ball and to get used to how the ball should move. These are the balls that we use to make sure that our players are able to pick up the real movement of how a ball should react. If you want to make sure that you can buy a ball that reacts to how a player needs it to, then you need to get a Star Football Academy ball.

Come and enjoy using an exciting ball that actually goes where it should. Avoid using a ball that is too light to help develop technique and too big/small to be enjoyable for young stars to play with. For a quality ball that moves as it should buy a Star Football Academy ball!

Join the Star Football Academy family and enjoy the summer that will give each player fond memories and make new friends. Become a star!

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