It’s Toddle time! The perfect way to inspire young football stars

startoddle It’s Toddle time! The perfect way to inspire young football stars

Football is, without doubt, the global game. The biggest sport in the world, people from all over take part in playing football in so many ways. However, one thing to note about football is that it often is easier when a player is academically adept. That is why, at Star Football Academy, we have an agreement with Toddle.

Toddle is an educational toys developer with a history in keeping children engaged in academic improvement. These screen-free activities remove the need to sit a child in front of the computer to help them learn. They learn by doing, by seeing, and by understanding. By using the educational aides produced by Toddle, a young child can see massive improvements to their day-to-day life and their general education.

This is why we are proud to bring together our latest partnership with Toddle. When a player wins our Player of the Month prize, they will be gifted a wonderful collection of toys from Toddle.

Both of our groups agreed that the future of UAE children is our #1 priority. To help more children get access to the toys and the tools that could justifiably improve their living quality, we have worked with Toddle to find the perfect way to make that so. Every player who earns a Player of the Month award will be given access to a bounty of toys from Toddle.

These range from awesome toys that can improve language and communication to academic aides that can make a youngster grow and understand better. The whole aim is quite simple; to ensure that a young child can become more adept at the various challenges they will face as they grow older.

We help children on the pitch and off it, and with Toddle we can be more effective than ever.

Why did we partner with Toddle?

Put simply, we understand that a footballer is better when they are mentally engaged. Thinking about sport through the prism of other pursuits is an incredibly healthy, important way to look at sport. That is why we partnered up with Toddle; we believe that working together we can give children a happier, healthier, more diverse future.

By ensuring that the children are learning away from the usual starting point, we help them to improve both on the pitch and off the pitch. This is very important to us, and plays a massive role in making sure we can give children what they need: academic stimulation.

Now, when a player is given new tools to work with they can continue to learn on and off the pitch. This is our primary desire and motivation, and it can be a driving force to help us get the best out of the next generation. Having seen first-hand what Toddle can do for a young child, we know more than ever that they provide the exact learning stimulus that we hoped to see from the next generation starting from today. 

So, if you want to know why we trust Toddle to help our players, see for yourself. They have become one of the leading names in toy box subscriptions around, providing edutainment to children of all ages and mindsets. We are proud to work together to help make the future a brighter one for all children in the UAE who play sport.