Indoor Football classes

Indoor Football classes

Indoor Football classes in Mizhar ,al qusais, al barsha & Sharjah so that sessions can run all year round in the warmer weather including the summer holiday hoildays . Indoor Sessions are for ages 4 to 16 years old with Coaches that are UEFA qualified in the U.K. We have indoor football session in both Dubai and Sharjah.

Benefits of indoor football classes

Here are some benefits of indoor football classes for players and their development especially during the hotter summer months:

  • Climate Control – Most football academies stop in the warmer months, however with our indoor facilities we offer football sessions all year round. This means that we don’t take a break and we never have to stop playing football.
  • Indoor football classes are faster paced as there are less frequent stoppages than outdoor games as the field is smaller and more contained.
    The friction on the ball is smoother therefore faster so ball control skills need to be more precise. Players develop short bursts of speed, agility to pass and receive the ball on a quick surface as well as power and endurance.
  • As the ball is continually moving there are more chances for touches on the ball for each player. This helps in the fitness in the players as they need to build speed and accuracy.
  • Improves players individual skills such as developing small group defending, attacking, and transition
  • Has the advantage of more scoring opportunities due to smaller field size which players enjoy.
  • Being indoor with a smaller field aids in practicing communication between players to pass and receive the ball.
  • We have indoor football classes in both Dubai and Sharjah.

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What Else Does The Indoor Soccer Sessions Have To Offer?

  • 90 minutes of quality coaching with UEFA qualified coaches from UK and with football coaching license Dubai
  • Use of the first football E-Learning System in the UAE. View sessions, receive feedback, get performance report and communication portal.
  • Unlike other football clubs in Sharjah and Dubai, our coaches expertly plan session on technical, tactical drills that support the needed skills for player’s to improve and develop.
  • The session ends in a group match where players practice and apply skills learned in the session and where coaches can support each individual player.
  • Our indoor football classes are carefully planned in a five week theme cycle that follow players, the coaching program differentiates day by day according to the player’s needs and abilities
  • Each indoor football class gives valuable opportunities to have fun, learn football, develop social and leadership skills that will enhance each players future.

Star Football Academy | Fee structure
Star Football Academy has the best affordable prices for indoor football classes. There are options to register once to three days per week. We advise the parents to choose at least two days per week. Please follow the link for the pricing and payment options of the indoor football classes.