Indoor Football Academy

We teach football 365 days per year and our indoor football academy in Dubai and Sharjah is equipped for hot weather and different sporting conditions. This means the football coaching in Dubai and Sharjah runs for 12 months of the year and we don’t take a break. We also make sure that facilities for our indoor football academy offer a comfortable air-conditioning with bathroom and showering services. we do outdoor classes in the cooler months only when the weather is pleasant to play Football.

For the cooler months, we have a number of venues that provide large fields that are big enough to hold tournaments and games. Our Al Barsha and Mirdif football academy have quality fields with artificial grass that are centrally located for convenience and also have bathroom and showering facilities. In Sharjah, the fields we use are well maintained and offer large grassed areas.

indoor football academy

Our Indoor football academy prides itself on quality multi-skilled sporting equipment to help with agility and coordination skills. We also train and play with many different types of balls such as indoor and outdoor balls as well as varied sizes to support your child. Our players are divided into groups that have a team name and have bibs and balls allocated to each team.

Our outdoor kids football academy has branches in Mirdiff, Al Barsha, and Sharjah while our indoor football academy has a venue in Mizhar 1. All our facilities have car parking available for parents and seating to watch the sessions. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch the sessions and see our coaching and values in action. Throughout our sessions, the coaches interact positively with the players using questioning, feedback and reflection. All our venues are also centrally located to malls and amenities which allow parents to also run errands or spend time as they please.

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