Healthy breakfast for kids

Healthy breakfast for kidsWe all know the famous saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”.  But, is it really true that everything both kids and adults eat in the morning can impact your child’s activities and the overall well-being throughout the day?

We believe so. The latest researches show that the easiest and most important way for a healthier life is to regularly have breakfast.

Many children forget breakfast as they find it difficult to eat early in the morning or simply with our busy lifestyles we tend to run out of time in the morning, often sacrifising the most important meal in the day.  “I’m not that hungry anyways”, “Let me sleep 5 more minutes”, “Don’t have time for a proper breakfast”… All these excuses sounds too familiar and all of us have been “guilty of charge” for skipping the most important meal of the day. However, for our children, having a proper morning meal should be part of their daily routine, without an exception.

Studies show that breakfast in the morning gives our metabolism a proper kick start. With the right breakfast, we get a crucial intake of the right energy throughout the day and our bodies burn calories more efficiently, which leads to a healthier body weight but also more energy.

And now that we’ve convinced you why it is important not to skip the morning meal, you might wonder when is the best time to eat breakfast.

Nutritionist recommend to eat the breakfast within the first hour of waking up since the glucose level in our bodies is at its lowest. Also, breakfast ramps up our metabolism, which further supports our weight managment.

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So, going back to breakfasts, let’s see what breakfasts are most beneficial?

Cereal ideas for healthy breakfast for kids

Cereal food can be tricky with the vast variety available in the supermarkets, however, it is important to look at the added sugars and the vitamin values added. A nutritious cereal should be whole grain with no added sugar and low in sodium. Fresh banana, berries and nuts add vitamins and minerals to help young bodies grow and are a great way to add natural flavours to your cereal. This is Head Coach Anees Makrous favorite breakfast.  For children, full cream milk is always best as this provides calcium to help with strong bones. Other alternatives to cow’s milk is almond milk and soy milk. Living in the UAE I have even used camels milk on cereal it has many health benefits and rich in calcium. A dollop of yoghurt is also a great calcium source and helps the stomach digest food.

healthy breakfast

Eggs ideas for healthy breakfast for kids

Egg are high in protein and have choline which helps transport nutrients throughout the body. Eggs have been found as a very important key in helping infants in their memory functions and development. There are many ways to prepare eggs: scrambled, boiled, poached, grilled and fried or made into an omelette. Eggs are great with toast, with salad and with vegetables and are very versatile. My favourite memory as a child is having a boiled egg with the yellow slightly runny and dipping bread fingers into the yolk in my favourite egg cup.

Fruits and yoghurt for healthy breakfast for kids

For a quick breakfast, nothing beats fruit and yoghurt. Full of vitamins and minerals it is versatile as you can use your child’s favourite fruit. The fruit has so many benefits and adding breakfast makes sure your child receives their daily intake of fruit. Yoghurt, as mentioned before, helps with calcium, aids in digestion and have many minerals that also help to keep a healthy body weight. For an easy option to blend the fruit and yoghurt together to make a smoothie that can be put in a cup and taken in the car. It saves time whilst giving your child something to do in the car and filling up on a nutritious breakfast at the same time.

We at Star Football Academy look forward to seeing our players excited and happy during their football classes in Dubai and Sharjah. Having a fresh start in the morning with a healthy breakfast makes a big difference to your child’s day. These are just some ideas that may be helpful to you and I am sure there are numerous other ideas that you as parents have come up with. It would be wonderful to share these ideas. Please feel free to share your own ideas and post photos or recipes.