Goalkeeping Academy in Dubai

Goalkeeping Academy in Dubai with Star football academy is a specialized position in Football that takes many specific skills and tactics to be successful. Star Football Academy has an exceptional Goalkeeping Program with UEFA U.K. qualified coaches. The Goalkeeping Program for ages 6 years to 16 years of age that builds confident and skillful Goalkeepers in Football. Included in the Goalkeeping Program is the online E-Learning System that is the first in the UAE.

goalkeeper training in dubai

Star Goal keeping Academy in Dubai  

The Star Football Academy Goalkeeping program in Dubai  is the best in specialized goal keeper training . Our unique Goalkeeping Football Training Program is developed for all abilities and skill. Here is why the Star Football Academy has the best Goalkeeping Training Program.

  • Coaches are trained in the U.K. with UEFA Qualifications and have many years in coaching Goalkeepers.
  • Players have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the Goalkeeping position including safety aspects and building high repetition skills associated with Goalkeeping.
  • Program is designed for all ages and abilities. With a focus on Goal Keeping techniques in competitive situations that include tactics, handling passback, shot stopping, different angles, fitness, high balls and more.
  • Players learn in ability groups as there are more than 1 coach per session as this gives players support to develop with other players of similar skill sets.
  • Programs are designed with care and thought of differentiation as each Goalkeeping session is designed to build on every players’ needs and abilities.
  • Players will get to practice their Goalkeeping skills in regular friendly games, Football tournaments and leagues.
  • The E-Learning System gives performance reports for reflective practice and to communicate and watch session videos online.

Star Football Academy provides the best Goalkeeping Football Training in the UAE with U.K. trained coaches, great locations and specialized programs. We believe in giving opportunities for children to learn Goalkeeping skills that give them lifelong learning for the future such as leadership and social skills.