Free activities you can do with your child in Dubai

free activities for kids in dubai When you have a child in Dubai, one of the most challenging things you can do is find activities to participate in. The cost of living in Dubai can be quite high, so finding free activities that you can do with your child in Dubai is always very useful. However, as you might have already found out, many things here cost money. That’s why you should always look to find activities that you can take part in that are not going to cost money.

For example, does your child take part in football classes? Are they part of a football academy? If so, good!

However, that is likely to mean that you are short on either time or funds. That means that you will probably want to find things to do with them in your spare time that won’t cost you so much. Where do you start, though? What are some of the best activities that you can take in if you are looking for a bit of discovery whilst spending quality time with your child?

Is there anywhere in Dubai that you could visit to make this task a bit easier?

Visit the Dubai dinosaur

One of the best places to start to is to head to the Souk area; here you will see a massive Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton. You’ll get to enjoy following the footsteps of the dinosaur, and you’ll also get to see just what it looks like from a skeletal perspective.

If your child shows an interest in dinosaurs, then you will want to take them to see this. It’s a fun and exciting process that just about any child should enjoy. You should definitely find that your child enjoys the learning aspect as much as the visual wonderment.

Visit the Dubai Fountain

Another fine piece of architecture in Dubai is awesome dancing fountain. You can come on by this part of the mall and see the fountain yourself as you pass by. It’s a world-famous fountain, and is presently the largest ever built in the world.

It’s a stunning piece of architecture and your children will enjoy seeing it up-close and personal. For children who have a love of the water and who like to see amazing architecture, this is very much a good place for you both to start your journey of free things to do and see in Dubai.

Go to the Dubai Mall Aquarium

Following on from the above, we recommend that you take part in some of the best sights around the Dubai Mall while you are here. For example, the Dubai Mall aquarium is a fun and easy way for you to see the amazing sealife that lives within. Children will be able to get up close and personal with the kind of sealife that we see on TV; the kind of creatures that we would rarely, if ever, get the chance to be close with outside of an aquarium.

Go to the Dubai Garden Centre

Another fun place to go to if you are looking for some free fun, you will enjoy the Dubai Garden Centre if you make the time to come here. Does your child have a love of all things creative and natural? Then this is a place that should immediately fill their minds with excitement and wonder.

From awesome animal statues to trees and plants not seen before, this is a fun way to help your child get educated about the wider world whilst making sure you can enjoy a quality day out together.

Go for a bike ride in Dubai

Another fun way to spend the day is to bring your bikes and follow the 850m bike track at And Al Sheba. It’s a fun and easy way to get some extra exercise for you both, whilst ensuring that you can see some amazing views of the Downtown area of Dubai as you go. At the same time, you will get to enjoy views of the special Burj Khalifa.

Out of the view of anything that might get in the way, this is arguably the best view of the Burj Khalifa you can find for free.

Head to Mushrif Park

If you have the time, head on down to the International Village with your child and go to visit the awesome Mushrif Park. This special little place is one that should immediately give your child places to play. With a range of traditional housing built to be suitable for children to play in, this is the ideal place for you to take your child if you wish to just let them run free and express themselves.

You can then sit back, relax, and know that your child is having a very enjoyable day indeed!

Visit the Souks

We mentioned them briefly before, but a trip to the Souks is a must for anyone who wishes to take part in vintage Dubai culture. You will get to enjoy a rich array of senses and scents as you make your way through the area. Gold souks are an aesthetic wonder, while the spice souk is a really impressive and vibrant looking collection.

It’s something that you will get to enjoy with your child, all the while helping them to embrace and learn more about the culture of Dubai in a way that you can only do up-close and in-person.

Visit the Old Library

If you intend on having some fun and helping your child learn all at once, then heading off to the famous Old Library is a good idea. Your children will be able to pick up all manner of knowledge from here, while they will get to enjoy spending time in a classic library setting that is becoming rarer and rarer for children to find.

An excellent choice for anyone who is looking to really enjoy themselves and pick up some quality time with their child. Not only that, but they’ll be sure to get enthused and inspired by all of the reading material around them!

So, where will you look to start when you take your child around a trip of the various exciting things to do in Dubai for free?

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