Football Tournament

There are many advantages of playing football at a young age, and we know it’s extremely beneficial for your child to be a part of a team sport as well as to football tournament regularly compete with other football clubs in Dubai and Sharjah. For players that have advance skills, Star football academy in Dubai and Sharjah offers tournament and league games on a regular basis to complement our youth football training sessions. We believe that playing games in tournaments and leagues are also important and players get the opportunity to be in a process of making it through the ranks. The Star Football academy in Dubai and Sharjah has made many local and international partnerships that support playing games on a regular basis. Read more: Why are we the Best Football Academy in Dubai?

At the Star Academy, our friendly games program give opportunities for players to play against other teams or football academy in Dubai and Sharjah as well as schools across the UAE. Every player is very important to us and we let all players participate in all games as our focus is on building the confidence of the players, rather than worry about the end score we reflect on the teamwork performance and how the team works together.nThe Star Football Academy organizes, hosts and participate in all major tournaments and leagues with other football clubs in Sharjah, Dubai and across the UAE. This gives many opportunities to meet players from other teams and clubs and to work as a team in a football match. The tournament environment is relaxed as players get to use, take risks and practice the skills they have worked on in the youth football training sessions. These games are held after school either on the home field or at another club or school.

A bus is organized for the health and safety and often the players eat together before the games. These friendly games are important as reflection tools to analyze and encourage skills of the game. Most importantly is that each player has fun and builds their football skills in all our locations

Major benefits of taking part in football tournaments with our football academy in Dubai:

1. Friendships – joining a youth football team will give your child the chance to make long-lasting friendships with his or her team mates, especially during the tournaments.
2. Self-confidence – when a child is part of a football or any other sports team, he or she will inevitably develop a real sense of belonging.
3. Communication – to win the game a team must work as one, which means constantly communicating with each other as well as with other adults such as coaches and referees.
4. Focus – playing repeatedly for our football academy in Dubai also provides a daily routine in your child’s life, helping him or her to focus better.
5. Energy – playing sports and taking part in tournaments and league games regularly will generally give a child more energy.
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