Football league & games registration form

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Friday league

Please arrive 15 minutes before you KO time (check carefully KO times)

U7 and U9 at 7:40 am

U11 at 8:40 am

U13  9:40 Am

  • U7s – 21st  May, 4th    |  18th Jun
  • U9s – 21st  May, 4th    |  18th Jun
  • U11s – 21st  May, 4th   |   8th Jun
  • U13s – 21st  May, 4th  | 18th Jun
  • U10s – 28th May  | 11th Jun
  • U12s – 28th May  | 11th Jun
  • U14s – 28th May  | 11th Jun
  • U15/16s – 28th      11th Jun

Location Map; Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Barcelona League

Please arrive 25 minutes before you KO time (check carefully KO times)

U8 every Saturday from 21 until 26 of June

Time  at 17:10

U15 on every Friday from 21 until 26 of June

Time 20:45


Dubai American Academy and GEMS Wellington.

Covid 19 restrictions:

  • All players arrive to wear MASKS
  • 2m distance during waiting (before warm-up, during match time (substitutions only))
  • Coaches and referees to wear MASKS at all times
  • No handshaking
  • Parents are polity requested to remain off-site during matches

Fill up the registration form then pay online

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We are inviting your child to take part in the league Season.

These are basic information and some of the key benefits:
1.League gives our players and coaches a great opportunity to put their training into practice and apply techniques thought during the lessons

2. The ability to provide the players with a chance to play competitive football without putting too much pressure or focus on the final result is vital
for the development of your child.

3. All players have to be registered and committed to the league fixtures, scheduled on Friday, depending on the age group.