Football for Kids with STAR Football  Academy

We specialize in football for kids from ages 4 to 16 years of age in a unique program for boys and girls. Children as young as 18 months to 4 years can also be part of our young tikes program that we coach in nurseries. The kids will play football in groups where parents participate in a 45-minute session with their kids.
Three steps for teaching football for kids in Dubai and Sharjah with star football Academy
step one: when teaching football for kids, coaches need to build their confedent with the ball, letting the kids touch the ball with their feet as many times as possible in a fun, safe coaching session.
Steps two in teaching football for kids is to improve passing and to recover the ball, and this will happen after stage one and the kid’s stars being engaged more with the football game itself than the fun game that we play with the football.
Step three when coaching football for kids is movement off the ball, and this is an advanced stage a that the fours will be on improving the skill but also going more into the tactical side of the game.

Teaching football for kids at Star Football Academy with E-Learning facilities, which means your child will be able to see the lessons before training with our video library, communicate with the coach after practice and get a performance report every three months about the progress of your child.

Star football Academy has an international community with many players from various nationalities and backgrounds. Our philosophy in football for kids are values of fair play, showing respect for everyone as well as treating everybody as equals. Open commination between players, coaches, and parents is very important and is regularly. We believe that all players can succeed in football, and we have a program that differentiates the children according to their age and level. Our Coaches are qualified from the U.K Football Association and have international experience from around the world, including the UAE. All players are also accepted and encouraged to play in regular friendly games, leagues, and tournaments, as we focus on the performance of skills, learning rather than the results. We are focused on giving all players the experience of playing games, which helps in motivating players to set goals and achieve the full potential.