Football classes for toddlers

STAR Football Academy is delighted to offer specially designed football classes for toddlers. Young Tikes is a preschool development program, developed by our UEFA qualified coaches, for kids aged from 18 months to 4 years. Our football classes for toddlers are designed to support young children and parents in sessions, which cover the physical, emotional and social development of each child.
Weekly football classes for toddlers are offered in a safe and fun environment for the little ones that are just beginning to walk through to 4 years of age. The learning experiences are designed to improve kids’ gross motor skills, including balance and coordination as well as sensory stimulation that scaffolds physical development.

Football Classes for Toddlers

Key features of our football classes for toddlers:

  • A unique program delivered by experienced early childhood coaches
  • Developed at an age-appropriate level by qualified coaches
  • Positive learning environment to explore awareness of space and physical movement
    Activities and techniques approved by occupational therapists
  • Encourages group work to support emotional and social skills such as sharing.

The Star Football Academy Young Tikes program is unique and overshadows other pre-school programs on the market. Having highly qualified and experienced coaches provides attention to detail of the development of children in the early years and encourages optimal growth and development.

Main benefits of our football classes for toddlers:

Football skills
Gross motor skills
Social and emotional skills
Self confidence
Balance and coordination
Oral language skills
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How playing football can help my child in school , work and life

Footballers at grassroots level, whatever age they may be, are not only learning and developing knowledge and an understanding of football but they are also in the process of picking up some fantastic life lessons, probably without realising, that will help and assist them as they grow up and set out on their chosen adult profession.

The main aim of our football academy is to develop children and young adults ability and understanding of the game but along the way they will gain knowledge and a real work ethic that comes hand in hand with playing football or in fact any team sport.

BECOME A TRUE TEAM PLAYER Football should teach children to become a true team player, someone who works well with their peers and always gives 100% to help bring out their best.

LET GO OF ANY MISTAKES Successful footballers, even the best, will all make mistakes. Football can help youngsters brush off their mistakes and focus on learning from them before moving on to the next challenge.

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL Youth football should help children learn that all they can do is focus their effort, and not the outcome. They should focus on what they can control, not what is out of their control.

PRACTICE MAKES…BETTER Nobody is perfect, it’s about getting better and improving. One of the lessons we hope our children will learn through football is that hard work and commitment to anything will eventually be rewarded.

CELEBRATE SUCCESS Football teaches us to celebrate success, big and small. We all know how to celebrate winning an important game, but we should also learn how to celebrate achieving smaller personnel goals we set for ourselves.

WIN AND LOSE WITH DIGNITY We teach our players how to win and lose while respecting the opposition, the officials and of course themselves.

All of these lessons can be applied to sports, schooling or work later in life and we hope that we, at, Star Football Academy can help push our young academy members into becoming the best footballers and hard working, well rounded individuals we know they can in the years to come.

At Star Football Academy in Dubai and Sharjah, we are more than a Football Academy we strive to give children valuable lifelong opportunities to have fun, learn football, develop social and leadership skills that will positively impact each players future.

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