Football  Academy

star football academy core valuesWhen you hear the word football academy or hear people asking what is the best football academy in Dubai you wonder how do we distinguish between academies and how do we rate football academies in Dubai and Sharjah?

These are the features of a modern and an outstanding football academy

1. Quality football academy training

The football academy should provide quality football training in a team-orientated environment to positively impact on the health, skills and decision making of children in the community. The football academy should differentiate the players according to their level and ability to receive individualized training that allows children to reach their full potential. A good football academy should have its own philosophy and a system of play that all coaches live and breathe in every football training session. The system of play is very important so that whoever is coaching the players they will get the same message and follow the same ideas.

2. Football Academy Professional coaches

Apart from taking First Aid and children protection courses, all of our coaches have coaching degrees from the European Football Federation, which means they fully understand that each child learns in different ways. A football academy of youth is all about teaching the skills and movement off the ball and exposure of the player to different positions as nobody can guess the future of players at youth academies. At Star Football Academy, our coaches also have a background as physical education teachers, which means they understand the physical and mental development of children of all ages.

3. Opportunities for game play at Football academy

When we speak about a youth football academy, we are making sure that all of our players regularly take part in friendly games and competitions. The winning as the end results should never be the main objective for any youth football academy, but the participation, team spirit and engagement. At Star Football Academy, we have weekly friendly games and regular tournament and league games where all players get the opportunity to participate. We believe in giving all our players the chance to play in games as our focus is on how the game is played rather than the score.

4. Play football all year round with star Football academy

A quality football academy should provide the opportunity for the players to play 12 months of the year. This can be challenging during the hotter summer months, especially for the children living in Dubai and Sharjah, as the weather gets extremely hot, making it difficult to play outdoors. A quality football academy in Dubai should provide indoor football classes during the summer to make sure the players continue to develop their skills and are active throughout the year. Indoor football classes have a lot of benefits (add links important of indoor football classes)

5.  football academy dadabase system

Every football academy that truly cares about monitoring players’ development and growth should have a database system to record the progression of the player and provide a report about his or her performance. The database needs to have a good feedback system like recording some of the training sessions and the games to give visual feedback about the performance. Visual feedback is the only way to improve the player by consistently correcting the mistake and letting the player learn to play free and teach them to take the right decision at the right moment. The Star Football Academy has a great database system and is the first E-Learning Academy in the UAE with online sessions, performance reports, communication portals, and easy online registration, which makes us one of the best football academies in Dubai.

6. Locations for football academy

An outstanding football academy in the UAE should have multiple locations to make it more convenient for the parents that are living in any of the Emirates. Parents that are looking for a football academy in Sharjah or Dubai should be able to find an academy branch to reduce the travelling time. The multiple branches for a football academy also helps to organise international tournaments on a regular basis which again provides the player with more opportunities to play and learn through playing games and receiving regular feedback.