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We care a lot about football training, but we care even more about football playing. Star Football Academy regularly organizes weekend friendly games for every student registered in the academy as well as Football tournaments and a league to complement our football training. These games are held on a regular basis and all players are encouraged to play regardless of their ability as the more experience in game situations they have, the more problem solving skills they’ll develop. One of the unique features of the Star Football Academy is the variety of friendly games, soccer tournaments and league games we organize or participate in with our students to complement their weekly football training sessions. When it comes to football training for kids, we give opportunities to all of our players to play against other teams in football academies in Dubai and Sharjah as well as schools across the UAE.

 Star football academy fixtures and key points:

  • Friendly games are played internally between our academies or with other clubs on a weekly basis.
  • We are regularly organizing or participating in tournaments and leagues.
  • All players participate in all games as our focus is on building the confidence of the players, rather than worry about the end score.
  • We reflect on the teamwork performance and how the team works together.
  • We promote maximum participation of all our players. Our players also learn about belonging to a team and how to work effectively within a team.
  • Builds respect for team players and also values of organization, fair play and trying their best.
  • Players have the opportunity to interact with other clubs and recognize themselves as part of a team.
  • Children are split into multi levels that allow players to play with teams of similar skills.
  • Transport is available to and from the game. An app is available to view the bus route and the pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Via our E-Learning system, website, WhatsApp and social media accounts, we are regularly communicating with parents about the upcoming games.

Star Football Academy fixtures are always supported by our coaches

Young football players learn through repeated practice but also our coaches always make sure that skills and tactics learned during our football training are also practiced in live games. Skills, such as technical and problem solving skills, challenge the players to apply them.

How our coaches use football training and games to aid in the development of your child:

  • Players are expertly coached to tactically play our system of play that allows children to apply what they have learned and can reinforce their understanding.
  • Coaches use the game performance to reflect technical and tactical skills with the players. Reflection is a key element to further development.
  • Our coaches model communication skills and encourage the team to use positive language to communicate between team members during the game.
  • It gives parents, coaches and players the platform to show respect to one another and to proudly display their skills.

The Star Football Academy fixtures encourage an environment of fair play, team sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle whilst having plenty of fun

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