Five key skills any young footballer in Dubai needs to learn

Five key skills any young footballer in Dubai needs to learn

As a young footballer, it is extremely easy to get carried away with the way that you play the game. For anyone intending to attend football classes in Dubai, it might be beneficial to ensure you have the following five key skills. If your dream is to make it as a professional, you will need these five attributes regardless of your position played.

A desire to listenFive key skills any young footballer in Dubai needs to learn

Your coaches and the senior players around you are the most important part of your education. If you wish to become a better player, you need to be a sponge. You need to be willing to listen to what is being said and take criticism as an opportunity to improve. Don’t see coaches or players telling you a negative opinion as something to make you feel disheartened or sad.

Often, having that desire to listen is the skill that will set you apart. If you wish to be a better footballer, you have to be able to show that you can take criticism and use it as fuel to improve. Trust us when we say that listening is an essential football skill.


Another skill you need is the ability to stay motivated. The coaching staff at your academy or club can only do so much to help you improve. The rest? That comes from your own personal ambition and your own desire to succeed. This is very important as it can be hard for young players to stay motivated. Any success or failure enjoyed/endured so far can have a major impact on motivation.

If you are serious about being an athlete, though, you have to be willing to stay motivated. This means training on your own, taking in more physical training, and putting in the hours studying video. Find a player whom you wish to resemble and watch their game and footage very closely. This is only going to help you become a better footballer, and it is going to help you to become a more rounded athlete generally.

The more time you spend learning and playing on your own, the more you can improve physique, technique, and tactical understanding. For any young player who is serious about making meaningful progress, you want to invest more time into watching and learning the game – the rewards can only be worth the effort.

Physical compensation

Not every player has the physique to go box-to-box without missing a breath. By the same token, not every defender is super-strong, and not every full-back is exceptionally quick. The essential skill you need is to have physical compensation. This means using the strengths you have to mask your weakness. Working hand in hand with Dubai football coaches, you can learn how to use your physical attributes properly.

For example, you might need to get used to reading the play so you can get your strong body in the way of a pass to help intercept the move. You might want to use your burst of pace to make up 5 yards as opposed to trying to stretch this to 10 yards and getting caught.

A good coach can show you where you are using body well and where you would most clearly benefit from some changes. The difference is that over time you should start to become far more confident in how your body feels. You should start to know when you are pushing your body too far, when you are taking things to the limit, and when you could realistically give more to the cause on the pitch.

Playing with your head up

No matter what position you play today, you have to be able to move with the ball and play with your head up. If you focus on the ball as soon as you get it, you will find it nigh-impossible to make any kind of meaningful progress. It is sure to have a huge impact on your ability to play football for a long time to come if you just play with the head down. 

This can be practiced alone, and again comes back to self-motivation. Get used to having the ball under your feet and moving the ball around from foot to foot. You must be ready to play with the head up because it allows you to read the game, see space to burst into, and to give you an inkling of where the opposition are.

Good players only look at the ball when they absolutely must. If you wish to make it as a footballer, getting used to playing with the ball as a part of you – so close that you don’t even have to look – is massively important to your development as an athlete.

Knowing when to take risks

Every player that is serious about making it as a footballer will know about the importance of taking a proper risk when it matters. If you want to become a better player, you have to be used to taking a momentary risk – such as playing a forward pass when you might otherwise fail to, or taking a direct run forward to open up space. Many players take ill-advised risks and leave the team short by doing so.

If you wish to avoid the mistake, then you have to know when to take risks. You might even find that the biggest change you can make during Dubai football lessons is the ability to take a risk when you wouldn’t normally. This could bring your team a goal, stop a certain opposition goal, or change the tempo and mood of the game entirely.

For that reason, it is very important that you start to focus on learning to take risks. When combined with the other four skills, you bring a mature, game-ready approach to football. Even if you lack technique and power, you can easily make up for it by focusing on making the most of the five key skills any young player needs to develop.