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What ages are able to start football training?

Your child can start football training with our little tikes program at 18 months of age. We train and coach children up to the age of 16 years.

Can you let me know about your fee structure of Star Football Academy?

The fee goes every 4 weeks or 16 weeks, 24 and 36 weeks and depending on how many classes you are taking per week.

Do you operate during Ramadan and holidays?

YES, we do operate 12 months per year with no breaks.

Where are the coaches from?

All our coaches are qualified from the UK Football Association.

How much time do I need to see progress in my child performance?

There are many factors and depending on the Physical Ability of the child, the best is to have at least three times of training per week to see better progress on your child’s performance. We have high-quality coaches that work with the level and abilities of each individual child. Also every 3 months your child will receive a performance report on our E-Learning System that outlines the development and goals for your child.

Do you have games? Do you participate in Tournaments?

Yes. Everyone will have the chance to play games especially for friendly matches and we do it weekly. There are also tournaments and leagues and depending on the level of the child there are choices on what they participate in.

Do you have transport facility?

 Yes, we do in Sharjah. We also have a transport app where parents can see the route the bus takes and when their child will be picked up and dropped off.

Do you train girls in your academy

Yes, we have mixed boys and girls groups with the same levels and abilities.

What if I took a break? Can you freeze my account?

Yes, we can freeze your account for travelling, illness or other issues discussed with us for a maximum of 4 weeks. All we need are relevant documents such as travel itinerary, Medical certificate etc.

Do I really need to take the uniform?

Yes, it’s mandatory for kids to have the ACADEMY uniform as it shows the players are part of a team, we also have events that require everyone to wear the Star Football Academies Uniform.

My son is really a beginner. How many times per week should I register him?

We strongly advise having training sessions of at least 3 or more times per week.

What if I missed a class?

For illness, we require notice with a medical certificate. For emergency cases discussed with the manager if we have free space, we may try to fit the child into another day to make up the session missed. However, this cannot be guaranteed and the session has to be scheduled with the Admin and should be done within the same period as invoices cannot be adjusted.

Can I change my days after registering?

It may be possible, however, we need to be informed ahead of time and admin needs to see if there are places available.

How would I know if I’m due to pay

 You will receive a reminder. There is also the date on the invoice as we always have noted the last paid day.

What shoes should my son be wearing for training?

We have both outdoor and indoor facilities. Depending on the session you choose the shoes will need to suit either outdoor or indoor areas.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept card payment but with 3% system charge, other options are to do bank transfer and cash payments with no additional charges.

What if I change my mind and decided not to continue. Do I get a refund?

 We are unable to refund as once the payment enters the system it can no longer be refunded. We may be to freeze the account for up to 4 weeks for illness, travel or emergencies with the discretion of the manager.

What should my child bring during the training?

Your child needs to have the correct uniform and a drink bottle so that they stay hydrated.

How will I know if there will be games?

We post all upcoming games on our website, you will also see if it’s a game going to be by invitation only or for everyone.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Compared to other academies our fees are already competitive and at the best value, we have to offer on the market. This means we charge all children with the same prices. Our Academy has the best coaches and player-coach ratio.

What are the requirements for registration?

We need our registration form filled up that provides the details of your child, this can be done online or upfront with the admin.

Where do you train during the summer?

We train indoors during summer.

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