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The Star Football Academy is a unique Academy with FA qualified coaches that was established in 2008 with the best football training facilities to provide Quality Football Training in a team orientated environment to positively impact the health, skills and decision making of children in the community.

My name is Anees Makrous the founder of The Star football and I have a background of being a Physical Education Teacher (Bachelor of Physical Education) for children of all ages from 2 years to 18 years. I also have many years experience in Football Training and have FA qualified coaches from the Football Association of England. I have achieved my B licensed degree in 24/3/2011

The Star Football Academy recognizes that no two players develop and learn the same, that is why this dynamic program provides a style of teaching that enhances the potential of the student. With the combination of excellent football training facilities and equipment, the players are given the opportunity to develop at their own pace.I opened the Star Football Academy as I was not happy with the quality of the clubs were providing players and the limit opportunities that are provided for players to show develop or demonstrate their abilities. Being a Physical Education teacher, I am aware of the developmental impact of children in needing cognitive skills, as much as physical skills and I developed an educational, productive Football Training that gives all players the opportunities to maximize their full potential.

FA qualified coaches style of play

We are proud with the style of play that we teach our students and with the opportunities that we provide each student that joins our program. Before being a football FA qualified coach, I have been a PE teacher for the past 12 years, and this experience has enabled me to prepare a Football coaching program, football camp program that considers the different abilities and learning styles of the players.  I am proud of teaching the students a style of play that helps them to maximize to reach their full potential as the future of the player cannot be foreseen. Every student is critical to us and we let all the students participate in all our Fixtures  as we do not look at just winning or losing a game but we look at the performance of the whole team