FA Qualified Coaches at STAR Football Academy

At Star Football Academy, we focus on hiring a strong, well-trained staff and FA qualified coaches committed to providing the best environment for our players. When it comes to football coaching, we simply don’t compromise. Every FA qualified coach, working in both Dubai and Sharjah, has a vast array of experience and qualifications, with a full understanding that the modern-day soccer game is based on developing the decision-making of the players.

Our training program is quite different from most football academies in Dubai, allowing both players and coaches to view the training sessions and lessons online before they actually hit the field. During and after the youth football training program, each player is given a reflective feedback and we support the players in making better decisions.

At Star Football Academy, we create the same game scenarios during the football training sessions so the players can apply the various skills in a very comfortable and safe environment so that they know exactly what to do – Abdul Kader Allie, Manager

Reflection is the key to the successes of the player’s potential. Reflective practice is a teaching tool our professional football coaches uses for setting goals and performing during the training football camps and friendly games help make sure we focus on the team performance instead of individual performance.

The more exposure to different positions allows players to develop their preferred position – John James, Head Coach

Our focus is not about winning as an individual but learning and developing as a team that plays together to understand their positions starting from the goalkeeper until the striker. We have formed our football training program by using different program aspects from elite soccer schools around the world. The UK, Spanish, Holland, Brazilian and Argentine style either by working with professional football coaches from these countries, doing football courses or getting training programs.

Our kid’s football trainers strive to cover all different styles of teaching in every session and we change the programs that we have to suit our player’s needs and abilities.

Meet Anees Makrous, Founder of Star Football Academy