E-learning system in Education and sports

As many educators around the world prepare for the start of a new school year, it’s time to ask teacher, schools, sports clubs.

“Are we providing valuable 21st-century Education for your students?

In Education today, technology plays a big part in the learning processes of students. Technology is moving at a fast pace and is consistently driving educational needs for students.

What we speak about modern Education, the first thing that comes up to my mind is the eLearning system. Most of the new schools, sports clubs, academies all over the world are using E-learning system.

While digital integration is also essential and needed to thoroughly 21st-century Education, it is not enough to add technology to existing teaching ways. Technology must be used smartly for the benefit of the students and their needs. Students are brilliant users of technology, and when you have the combination of both, I think you are preparing the students to modern technology. The recent Education is about teaching the kids to search and be independent learners, not just passing the information to the students.

A question that comes up to my mind what is the benefits for the E-learning system and what role E-learning can play in the Education live of our kids

Here are four benefits of having an E-learning system in Education and sport ?

1- Child and parents access for the learning materials (the child and the parents can access the learning materials and believe or not the parents are the best teachers in the world.

2- Direct communication with the relevant person at school or football academy

Having direct interaction between students, parents, and teachers allows for open discussion and can aid in the student learning through feedback.

3- Assurance of Quality for of education program as the parents can see what teachers are teaching their kids.

4- The feedback the e-learning system helps us to send feedback that also is recorded all the time.

What is Star football Academy E-learning system?

The Star Football Academy E-learning system is designed to help the students view the coaching session drills before they attend the coaching session. The E-learning system provides the player with the opportunities to watch video on how to improve individual skills in the library section.

The E-learning system helps the coaches to follow the same training program in the current four branches in Sharjah, Mirdif, Al Qusais, and Al Barsha. The players will find easy, but they join the advance team to communicate together as they all follow the same football training program.

There are the benefits E-learning system in sport for the parnets

  • The due date
  • The days and times of the sessions.
  • The grade of the child and see a performance report about the child after three months joining the Star Football Academy
  • The overdue payment
  • The academy has a coaching program that all coach is following.
  • The Academy manager can see all the coaching session
  • The videotaping of the lesson on a regular base will help the manager to monitor the level of the child.
  • The child and the parents can send feedback to the coaches after each lesson.
  • The coach can sed feedback back about kid performance.