E-learning Football Training

E learning Football Training

Star Football Academy E Learning Football Training, Online Football Training. Star Football Academy is the 1st Online Football Training Platform where Coaches prepare Lessons and students can log in for lesson plans & feedback. Enrol in our Football Training & E Learning Courses Now

E learning academyOur aim to have open communication with the parents and the students and create an online platform for the players to find what they need. We have as well a lot of educational videos about learning a new skill as well as to improve tactical awareness. Our Football training academy is unique and will be a new experience for your children and the parents a new way of experience sports education from the way we handle your call to the way your register your child into our database system as well as the online platform.
Our philosophy is enriched from the strong educational background of the current manager of the academy we believe in the different way of learning throughout demonstration as well as visual learning and make sure the kids are having fun and enjoying their time. we believe in participation, and we believe in invitation every one to participate we care about performance, not results.
If you would like your child to have this unique coaching experience at the best Youth Football Training program in Dubai and Sharjah contact us and we make sure everything will be done.

Are you looking for free individual football training videos or one on one coaching for your son .star football Academy offers free videos to help parents and player improve their individual skills.

See our amazing new one to one football coaching videos:

The Star Football Academy is thrilled to provide videos for our players to explore one to one football coaching. Kick, shoot, move and learn new skills with the many games and drills that are presented by the Soccer Greats such as Lionel Messi.  These amazing resources provide the Star Football Academy members with visual and practical learning that complements our sessions using individual football training videos.

Help your child with the individual football training sessions in the comfort of your home:

There are individual skills for students to view for football speed training and videos that can also help parents support their child’s skill as the information is shown in a simple step-by-step video session.

What will E-Learning Resources be used for?

These E-Learning resources are just the beginning of our individual football training that supports our new football training program as there are more Videos to come. There will be videos uploaded each week to support your child in reaching their full potential. We look forward to receiving feedback on how useful these videos are. Enjoy watching!