Booking sports classes or rent a pitch has never been so simple

When it comes to transforming the way that you take part in sport, the main challenge is finding facilities. You might wish to play a game of soccer, but can you find quality goals and pitches to play on? Can you trust the bounce of the ball?

The same goes for basketball. If you wish to take part in a game of basketball, can you trust that the court is good enough to help you play to your best?

And what about swimming? Can you find swimming pools in Sharjah that you can trust are clean, safe, and sanitary?

These problems can make it hard to get fit in Sharjah – but it does not have to be this way. With, you can get all of the support you need to get into tip-top physical shape.

It really does just take a bit of work and effort with our team to find the right venue for you. Then, you can arrive for recreational fun on a high quality venue. You might even use our facilities for team training, for helping train clients, or any other reason you have in mind.

Quality sports facilities for rent in Sharjah

At Book With Star, you get all of the help and support that you could need to make positive changes to how you rent sports facilities. We take away the strain in ordering facilities, making sure you can hire large indoor gyms that come with all the amenities you need. Not only do we provide you with quality fields for outdoor play, but you can also hire quality indoor gyms for a more private session.

And once you are doing, you can enjoy using our pristine toilets and showers which come with clearly defined, private changing rooms. Now, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to renting sports facilities in Sharjah.

You just need to come along, take a look at our facilities, and see where you would like to play. We have basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools, and various other indoor and outdoor sports facilities for rental. Take a look at what we have, and you can quickly and easily make an investment that pays off.

It’s tough to get right elsewhere, but with Book With Star we make what is a challenging process so much easier!

Why should I rent at Sharjah Wanderers?

As the Sharjah Wanderers Club, we make sure that you get all of the support you need to start playing quality football at a venue that feels safe, organised, and reliable. Why, though, you should you choose to rent with Why should you put your fitness and sports training in Sharjah in our hands?

Brilliant prices

One of the main reasons is that we make sure you always get a great price. When you come to use our facilities, you get excellent value for money relative to the features made available, making sure you get value for your time invested.

Natural grass

Instead of playing on rough grass or synthetic terrain, we have two of the best real grass football pitches in Sharjah. This means playing on a quality surface that allows for a natural bounce of the ball, and a more realistic playing style.


Despite being some of the most popular training fields in Sharjah, we have access available for all. Even if you come down and the pitches are full, we always have multiple pitches open for hire. This means you should never have to wait long for your opportunity!

Five-aside pitches

We also have smaller-sized pitches for those who would rather hire five aside football pitches in Sharjah. The whole process is very fun, making sure you can quickly and easily hire a playing surface of high quality that lets you and your teammates start playing without delay.

Online booking

You don’t even need to come down and chance your luck. Just take a quick look at our online booking platform and you can make a quick and easy booking. Simply choose the time, venue, and sport of your choosing, and we’ll help you to arrange everything else.

Online payment

You can also manage your payment for your pitch through our platform. We have done everything we can to make the process quicker, easier, and simpler for every person who is involved. If you want to get things paid for easily and with simple tracking, pay today online.

Need help with your game? Then hire a Dubai personal trainer

At Book With Star, we help people to play their sport of choice for fun as well as for their professional ambitions. We know that the secret to becoming a better performer is to play on surfaces that encourage your game to grow. From playing on a quality hardwood surface to a smooth pitch with a natural bounce through to well managed water, there is a secret to becoming better at any sport.

That is why we provide you with access to Dubai personal trainers who can help you to get fitter easier than ever. If you want to become fitter, need an accountability partner to help you to lose weight, or simply want to get into better shape for key areas regarding your sport, you can get all of the support that you need with a Dubai personal trainer.

Whether it is for a specific sporting workout or just to generally keep you in better shape, you can hire training and support today. Simply visit our fitness section and see what our trainers can do for you in terms of times and places. We look to be as useful as possible, so please contact us if you have any queries about our facility rental in Dubai or our personal trainers in Dubai and we will look to answer any and every query that you have for us.

Progress is essential to your development, so let us help you make the intended progress right away. Contact today and you can book up for the facilities or professional training you require. Let’s get you into the best shape of your life!