Benefits of playing Team Sports

Benefits of playing Team Sports

When children join a team sport such as a football clubs in Dubai, there are many aspects that build skills that benefit the child’s lifelong learning. In sporting clubs such as star football academy, children learn to work as a team and to cooperate with others to achieve a common goal in sporting teams that builds friendships, character and important life skills for their future lives. Here are some reasons to involve your child in team sports or any of the football clubs in Dubai and across UAE. 

Cooperation/Relationship and Soicel building When Playing Team Sport

Working in a team builds cooperation amongst peers, coaches and other teams. In teams such as football academies, children learn how to work with others that they may not know at the start of the season or perhaps didn’t talk to at school. Mutual respect is built and skills in cooperation is needed where new friendships are formed as well as getting along with coaches, team peers and communicating with other teams. This helps in the social building outside the team in being able to communicate with other people effectively in future job related circumstances or in personal relationships.

Healthy Living/Exercising When Playing Team Spor

There are many aspects to healthy living. Eating well and physical activity all have positive effects on the health of children and when these healthy habits stick they become healthier in adulthood and later in life. Also skills such as problem solving, being focused and learning what their bodies can handle in a team sport such as being part of a football club in Dubai allows children to have a more rounded mental and physical understanding of themselves. Children thrive on physical activities and when in a team the friendships formed sometimes last until adulthood. 

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Setting Goals/CompetitionWhen Playing Team Sport

In a football academy like star football academy working in a team requires focus and setting goals both individually and collaboratively. Competition does not necessarily mean only winning a game but also reflecting on skills and field tactics that shape goals for the team and the individual player. With a coach’s guidance and assistance working towards goals that are achievable gives children a sense of pride and self-confidence and this helps with future endeavors throughout their lives. Children gain a sense of achievement that if they work towards something they will eventually achieve their desired outcome. This is a very important lesson in school, university, their future career and is a lifelong skill. read more about playing sport during exams 

Life Skills/Leadership When Playing Team Sport 

Self Confidence also helps in leadership skills. Most football acadamies in UAE should  give children the opportunity to be team captain or have a role at some point in the time they are part of the football school. Being confident in communication with peers, coaches, staff and other teams allows players to be proactive and speak out when necessary. Children also learn about fairness and what it means to have equality amongst a team environment that helps in future leadership roles. Belonging to a team give a sense of self-worth in being able to identify with other peers. Comradely even in game losses or difficult games shows support to for each other and resilience that a team can work together to achieve their goals.

Studies have shown that children that participate in team sports often become happier, healthier and more successful in later life. It is worth a thought when your child asks to join a team. Setting building blocks can influence how your child will respond to their future pathways and shape their successes in their adulthood

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