Back to School Five Essential Product

As the summer holidays are nearing to the end, the advertisement of back to school products has overtaken the market. Deciding what is necessary best for your children can be tough. Need some help deciding? Here are five tips on products to look out for.

These five essential areas will be very important to your child’s academic performance. Therefore, we recommend that you take the following ideas into consideration.


Let’s start with the most obvious place – School and Sports Shoes. These are crucial to children, as their feet are still developing. Therefore, they play a key role in supporting the posture of their spine.

One thing to consider is how long they wear these shoes for. On average, children spend 30 hours in their school shoes per week. So, while it is tempting to purchase shoes a size bigger for them to grow into, we suggest avoiding that. It is recommended that shoes should fit properly. Oversized shoes can cause various problems, including back pain & blisters from movement. It could also negatively affect the structure of the foot.

Want to buy good quality shoes? Consider the following:

  • There should be a finger space between the tip of the large toes and the end of the shoe.
  • The widest part of the foot should comfortably match the widest part of the shoe.
  • When the shoe is done up either by laces or Velcro, the heel should not move in and out of the shoe.
  • The back part of the shoe should be strong and stable whilst still supporting the heel.
  • To support the arch of the foot, it is best to have a shoe with proper cushioning to give comfort and support.

Lastly, always try to buy shoes at the end of your shopping day. Why? Everyone’s feet are a little swollen, and this provides a good indicator of the size that is needed to support your child throughout the day.

There are many shoe stores offering great quality shoes here are some sites to check out their latest deals. We’d suggest that you check out Shoes 4 Us to begin with.


Children often lug around heavy school bags for the majority of the week. This can cause back pain, leading to potential issues later on in life. It is pivotal to have a school bag that provide the correct space for storage, and support for their muscles.

Not sure what we mean? Here are some things to look out for when purchasing the perfect school bag:

  • Get a bag with 2 shoulder straps that are adjustable, padded and wide. This supports the weight on the child’s back evenly.
  • Also, make sure to adjust the bag properly. It should be adjusted so that the bag is not too low, thus avoiding it pulling on the lower back. It should not cause hunching.
  • A bag with wheels is a good idea as it can help children with extra weight. Some bags have straps and wheels. This means that on lighter days, it can be carried. On heavier days, though, those wheels avoid needless weight on the back.
  • Look at the pockets and zippers. Check that the zippers are good quality and open and close easily. Also, check if you need a bag with 5 pockets. Often parents think more is better. However, more pockets can lead to the storing of old notes and needless items. These take up room in the bag that could be used better. It’s important just to carry what is needed for the day.
  • Check that the biggest pocket is closest to the child’s back. This is where the books and heavier items should be placed. Measure a book to make sure the bag is big enough to fit books. Ensure the books can fit without the corners protruding.
  • A great rule is that a school bag with all its contents (Books, lunchbox, bottle etc.) should not weigh more than 10-15% of a child’s weight. For example, if your child weight is 15kg then the bag should not be more than 2kg.
  • If the bag exceeds that 10-15% ratio, it’s time to use the wheels!

There are some great deals on bags at Carrefour that we’d recommend you check out if you are looking for value. They provide a nice range of bags that should suit just about any child.


While some schools have their own stationary packs, don’t bank on them having everything. Instead, it’s essential to get some stationary supplies that suit the needs of your child. Those particular needs should include:

  • Pencils that are comfortable for your child. E.g. Faber Castell has large, triangle-shaped pencils. These are fantastic for gripping the pencil with better. There are also pencil grips that can be bought separately that can be placed on an ordinary pencil.
  • Pencil case. While there are many designs and colors. Consider space over anything else. It’s important that it has enough room to hold everything. This includes writing pencils, colored pencils, glue, scissors, erasers etc.
  • Writing books. Be sure to get writing books in the correct size and lines. Some schools have specific writing lines they use for handwriting. Also, specific subjects have different size requirements, so be sure to look into that with your child.

Luckily, there are many, many places that you can check out for good value. See if there are packs in stores such as Carrefour. They offer great savings on stationary, and may have all the things in one pack such as pencils, glue, scissors, ruler, erasers, pens etc.

We’d also recommend that you take a look at Dubai Library Distributers. They have a fantastic, varied, and large range of stationary. You should be able to find what you need from either store!

Lunch box

Choosing a lunch box is as important as choosing a school bag. It carries food for many hours that your children eat. This food is essential to sustain them throughout the school day. With the hot weather in the UAE, keeping food cool is extremely important to keep food fresh. It’s also really important to prevent children from getting sick. Here are some ways to choose the best lunch box:

  • Insulation – Avoid the main lunch box being plastic. Plastic containers to go inside the lunchbox are fine. However, the main lunchbox should be insulated.
  • Check the thickness of the insulation. Typically, the thicker insulated lunchboxes are better quality.
  • Choose a lunch box that has a strap to carry. This is important as children often need to take their lunchbox outside or on excursions.
  • Size matters, too. Look for something that’s not too big or small. It should be large enough to fit a school days’ worth of food.
  • However, keep in mind the size of other containers – these take up interior space, too.
  • Compartments – check there are enough compartments that your child may need for example some lunchboxes have a smaller compartment for snacks and fruit.
  • Ice packs are a great way to keep food cool and fresh. Some lunchboxes have a compartment where the ice pack slips in to keep the whole box cool.

If you need help picking good lunch boxes, we recommend you look at Centre Point Stores. They have up to 70% off in savings on back to school lunchboxes and products. Also, IKEA have some great products for those who want something specific. Be sure to check out both sources, and you should find an excellent lunch box. read more about healthy breakfast for kids 

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must for the health of children at school. A water bottle is a necessity, though making a choice can be hard work. There are many sizes, shapes, colors and brands on the market. With that in mind, you should look to choose something reusable. A reusable water bottle helps save the environment, as it means less disposable water bottles in our oceans and earth. With that in mind, also consider:

  • Size is always important. Depending on the age of a child, the size of the water bottle can vary. As schools have filtered water, it is best to choose a water bottle that comfortably fits in your child’s hand.
  • Most importantly, make sure that it is not too heavy for their bags.
  • If you are choosing a plastic water bottle, make sure it is BPA free. This chemical has been used in plastics over many years and has been linked with many health issues.
  • However, there are many options of BPA free products to choose from just check the label on the product.
  • Decide for a pull, screw or gadget opening. Often bottles that have buttons to open or fancy gadgets tend to break easily. If you purchase a screw on top water bottle, try it out first. Make sure to test with younger children to ensure that they can open and close it independently.
  • Whatever water bottle is chosen it is important to encourage drinking water throughout the day to keep children alert and hydrated.

Water bottles can be bought from a wide variety of places. Typically, though, a great place to start out with would be IKEA. We recommend that you check out IKEA and other stores mentioned for great products.

Make the next school year easier than the last

Preparing for the start of the school year can help to avoid the stressful rush to buy everything at once. It can also save you money in the long run, avoiding high seasonal prices.

However, it’s also important to show your children how important this preparation is. It is important to organize school things with your children to allow them to become mentally prepared. The restart of school after a long break can be quite draining on a child. Therefore, you want to have them ready and excited.

Whether it’s their first or last year at school, they should be excited to return. By using a checklist to make sure everything you need, you can make that possible. Try to cover everything listed above, as this will help to stay focused and to save time. Have a wonderful school year ahead – you can make it the best yet with some preparation! for parents also looking for school club for their kids these are five tips for parents when choosing a Football Academy

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