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February 2019

Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Stop Playing Sports During Exam Times


Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Stop Playing Sports During Exam Times

sport and examsFor most school children, engaging in sports can be a great extracurricular activity; one that surely offers a lot of innumerable benefits. Socializing, character building and healthy living are just a few of them, and most parents are always glad to see their children doing great in the studies and in sports. But the narrative can change especially when exams are approaching. The apprehension that sports can interfere with how much time your child dedicates to his/her studies while having to keep up with the training program that most sports activities bring, is a very scary one. It gets parents asking questions such as:

  • Will my child study adequately for his/her upcoming exams and all the upcoming games?
  • Isn’t there a possibility that my child can break down from the stress of carrying sports along with studying?
  • What if he sustains a sports injury and is unable to partake in the exams; won’t that extend the number of years he/she has to study?
  • And so many other questions.

The end result is usually the parents withdrawing their child from all sporting activities to enhance concentration in exam preparation. While this may seem to be the best solution to ensuring that your sporting child achieves and/or maintains top grades at school, the opposite is often the end result. Studies have shown that prohibiting a child from engaging in sports during an exam period actually backfires and can leave to low grades instead of the high grades which they’re seemingly supposed to help achieve.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not stop your child from playing sports during exam times.

  1. Motivation

School children who are actively engaged in one sports activity or the other testify that combining sports to their studies during exam periods always gives them something to look forward to after a long day at school, and especially after gruesome exams. This break from the monotonous nature of exam periods can help to keep your school child motivated towards getting those A+ grades you wish for them.

A great technique that has worked for many parents and their children is fixing practice time after study time, i.e., ensuring that your child only practices sports activities after they must have completed an hour or two of studying. The interest your child has in sports will provide all the motivation he/she needs to study adequately for his/her exams.

  1. Control over “Exam Fever”

One very essential benefit of engaging in sports activities is that it teaches the art of emotional control. Virtues like resilience and pressure control/management are easily picked from sports and so, allowing your child to continue playing sports during exam period equips and helps them maintain their ability to approach tough exams with positivity and resilience. It helps them to maintain their cool even if the exam questions wage war.

As such, all the fears that come with sitting for exams are more easily tackled and managed by school children who do not stop playing sports even during exam times.

  1. Improves learning and knowledge retention

Sports helps individuals develop mental alertness and sharp retentive memory. This is because the drill associated with sports activities is designed in such a way that enhances the remembrance of the moves and skills needed to maneuver efficiently during games.

Supporting your child’s sports practice during exam period assists in ensuring and maintain your child’s ability to recall information and this is very crucial for examination success.

Some school children even try to use their sports practice sessions to memorize and further fix what they had learned during their study period. This active state mind is thus, very useful in helping your child excel in his/her studies and/or exams.

  1. Good Health

There is nothing as troubling as having a child who is sick during his/her exam periods. It can be the ultimate “peace-thief”. The fear of poor performance at the exams and/or losing a whole school year in extreme cases can be a very serious issue.

Fortunately, sports helps to improve overall health and reduces the chances of falling sick. Allowing your child to continue practicing sports while studying for exams and even during exams helps to keep your child physically fit, strong and healthy. Thus, helping keep your child in the right state for exams and averting the possibilities of losing parts of or even a full school year.

Even if you worry about them sustaining a sports injury, you can avert such situation by ensuring sports safety via the provision of adequate sports equipment.

  1. Stress management

Many parents confess that they worry that their school children may break down from combining studies/school work with consistent sports practice especially during the exam period.

Well! The opposite is actually the case. A balanced approached to study and sports can help your child aim for great school grades while shedding off the stress that comes with it, via sports practices. Sports is a great stress reliever. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

So instead of stressing out your child, staying physically active helps your child to manage stress especially examination stress.

The secret is to ensure that your child studies before engaging in sports. This way, the rest they get after practice plus the endorphins released can help them stay on top of their game and away from the bad sides of stress.

It is thus evident from these 5 reasons above that your child is way off better playing sports during exam times. Being able to stay motivated for the exams, to manage exam fever, to stay healthy, to be mentally alert and focused, and to manage stress can ultimately help your child to get the very best grades at school, as against popular opinion.

The goal should be to support and assist your child in striking a balance between study and sports, during exam times. And reducing the amount of time inputted into sports practice in the event where the child is seemingly overwhelmed. Children have the tendency to oversubscribe and so, instead of restraining them totally from their passion, it is better to help them kill two birds with one stone.

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January 2019

—Five reasons why you should never register your child in after-school activities


ECA football Five reasons why you should never register your child in after-school activities

For a parent, the idea of helping your child to learn outside of school can feel invaluable. However, are after-school activities really the best way to do that? Sometimes, the cons will outweigh the benefits. To help you see that, here are five reasons why registering your child for after-school activities might not be the beneficial solution you had hoped for.

Mental Fatigue

After a long day at school, children are often exhausted and we mean mental tiredness. Especially after thinking all day and challenging their brains, they need to rest and get ready to study after school. If you register your child with after-school activities, then they will not benefit from all the aspects of the sport.

For example, a quality football lesson by the English Football Association is built on four pinnacles: TECHNICAL, TACTICAL, PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL. When spending time in after-school activities, the child is too tired to think as clearly as they could. Therefore, the only benefit is just the physical gains, while you are missing on the other three aspects. Exercise is important, but not at the cost of other improvements.

Coaching quality is vital

It’s important to register your child in a sport to give growth to their personality in a positive way, and also to help get your child to be socially active. Playing with friends in the school will not help development as much, purely on the basis that your child will be hanging around with their close friends. This does not put your child outside of their comfort zone.

On the other hand, if you were to register your child in an academy, your child reaches home, eats, studies and then heads out around 5:30 PM to play. This is the perfect time for your child as they are refreshed to be active, and in the same time benefits wholly from all aspects of being part of a professional academy that takes care of their skills. An academy helps your child to learn all four aspects of improvement through sport: after-school activities often only benefit one.

Lack of Depth in Education

The quality of the coaching program, though, has to be right. It also has to be funded in the right way. For example, many coaching programs are run by companies, as the schools share 20% to 30% profit with the companies. The schools help these companies to promote their business and claim it is the best. While that might help the child, the lack of in-depth coaching could limit your child from reaching their maximum potential. This is because:

• Coaches are often lacking in specialist qualifications. Also, they are part-time, they don’t know how to deal with behaviour programs and particular special needs kids.

• This will impact on the quality of the lesson, too, as the students are mentally tired: they can’t listen as well as they could in an academy. They want to play a game which is very good and can be done for free at the park or at the break time for free. It’s better to be coached by someone with qualifications, as they can spot when the children need a change in style.

• As a parent, you will not know what they are teaching your child in other coaching programs. At the Star Football Academy, you have online access for every lesson. This covers more than just our focus for the week, though; you will get a report about your child’s performance.

• The quality of the coaches can often be limited, as parents are busy and they might just come to the last 5 minutes. This means that they can’t see what is happening during the lesson, and the coaches will just make sure the kids are happy and just playing without actual skills being learned.

• That might sound fine, but if you are paying 75 DHS per lesson, register your child for less money and let them play for 1.5 hours with quality of coaching program. In proper kind of programs, you could watch your child and make sure your child is playing with children in their ability range, not just in their age group.

• In school football, it’s easy for a child to become beyond their skill level due to the talent around them. With the Star Football Academy, we group the kids according to their levels so the beginners will get better and the more advanced students will continue to be challenged.

After-school lessons are a stressful commitment for parents

Parents need to reduce the stress levels they go through on a regular basis. Stress can affect our health, and we need to be aware when you register your child in an ECA that you have made a commitment to regular changes to your schedule. If you live a busy life, fitting after-school education into your plan can be challenging to say the least. This includes:

• The stress to always be on time to get your child to their program and to make sure that you can turn up on time to see them play.

• The physical side effects which can come from being late, as this can impact both on your own feelings and the feelings that your child feels about their progress.

• Ensuring that your child can be cared for if you are going to be late to pick them up: traffic in the United Arab Emirates can be hectic, meaning you can become a risk to others through the fear of being late and leaving your child without protection.

As you can imagine, each of these issues are quite significant. It’s not just your child that you need to think about, but your own health and well-being, also.

Development Times

The ECA programs are only available for short periods of time, and this will not help the development of your child. Even as a professional player, when they stop training because of injuries it takes time to get back to the highest performance. This is a massive time commitment that many after-school activities simply cannot commit to.

At the Star Football Academy, we offer lessons 12 months & 365 days per year. Star Football Academy cares about your child’s performance, and we build our program according to your individual needs. The need for consistency and for constant developmental progress is essential. A lack of competition, too, will become a problem: We look to help your child develop as a player.

Freedom to just play and express their qualities is one thing: we let your child do that, whilst helping them to become a more robust, rounded footballer as they approach their dream of becoming a professional.

With weekly competitive games and with regular coaching to help iron out the weaknesses in their game, the Star Football Academy is a much more worthwhile investment. If your aim is to help your child enjoy their physical and mental development as a footballer, this is the ideal place to start. After-school activities can only do so much: you need to commit further if you wish to see genuine, lasting progress for your child.

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December 2018

E learning system


Win over 800 dirhams With Starfootballacademy 7 days countdown

Star Football Academy is excited to present the first E-Learning Football Academy System. To celebrate our launch there will be a 7-day countdown of the amazing features of our new E-Learning System.

A lucky dip will take place at the end of the countdown where a name will be pulled out of a box to win a month’s worth of free football sessions valued at over 800 DHS. To be in the draw members will be given name tags at each session this week. Also, anyone who tags a friend with #starfootballacademy or #onlyelearningfootballacademy will get a ticket for each tag.

The more tags the more chances to win. Come join the fun at Star Football Academy Visit our website to know more

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healthy lifestyle at Star Football Academy


The Most Important Meal of the Day!

At Star Football Academy we promote a healthy lifestyle for our players to grow strong and remain healthy throughout their lives. The most important way for a healthier life is to eat breakfast. Many children forgo breakfast as they find it difficult to eat early in the morning or simply with our busy lifestyles we tend to run out of time in the morning. Studies show that breakfast in the morning gives our metabolism a kick start, with the right breakfast we have an intake of the right energy throughout the day and our bodies burn calories more efficiently which leads to a healthier body weight.

So what breakfasts are most beneficial


This food can be tricky with the vast variety available, however, provides 

It is important to look at the sugars added and the vitamin values added. A nutritious cereal should be whole grain with

no added sugar and low in sodium. Fresh banana, berries and nuts add vitamins and minerals to help young bodies grow and are a great way to

add natural flavours to your cereal. For children, full cream milk is always best as this provides calcium to help with strong bones. Other alternatives to cow’s milk is almond milk and soy milk. Living in the UAE I have even used camels milk on cereal it has many health benefits and rich in calcium. A dollop of yoghurt is also a great calcium source and helps the stomach digest food.


Egg are high in protein and have choline which helps transport nutrients throughout the body. Eggs have been found as a very important key in helping infants in their memory functions and development. There are many ways to prepare eggs: scrambled, boiled, poached, grilled and fried or made into an omelette. Eggs are great with toast, with salad and with vegetables and are very versatile. My favourite memory as a child is having a boiled egg with the yellow slightly runny and dipping bread fingers into the yolk in my favourite egg cup.

Fruit and Yoghurt:

For a quick breakfast, nothing beats fruit and yoghurt. Full of vitamins and minerals it is versatile as you can use your child’s favourite fruit. The fruit has so many benefits and adding breakfast makes sure your child receives their daily intake of fruit. Yoghurt, as mentioned before, helps with calcium, aids in digestion and have many minerals that also help to keep a healthy body weight. For an easy option to blend the fruit and yoghurt together to make a smoothie that can be put in a cup and taken in the car. It saves time whilst giving your child something to do in the car and filling up on a nutritious breakfast at the same time.

We at Star Football Academy look forward to seeing our players excited and happy during their football classes in Dubai and Sharjah. Having a fresh start in the morning with a healthy breakfast makes a big difference to your child’s day. These are just some ideas that may be helpful to you and I am sure there are numerous other ideas that you as parents have come up with. It would be wonderful to share these ideas. Please feel free to share your own ideas and post photos or recipes. The Star Football Academy wishes you and your families a healthier and happier year ahead.

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August 2018

Asian Cup coming to UAE


The United Arab Emirates will host the Asian Cup over 21 days fromasian games in uae the 5th January to the 1st of February in 2019. This major event brings football together with 24 nations and will host 51 games across 8 stadiums in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah. With an estimated 1.1 million attendees the UAE will have the eyes of the world watching them and will be the hub for football fans all over the global market. This amazing event is to encourage schools to support their nation and to help support each other’s nations across Asia and the Middle East. It gives school children the platform to express themselves and their nation through football and is intended to be an educational experience for all involved. Preparation for the Asian Cup starts this year with officials and educators monitoring closely the focus on student engagement in the event. Although the game of football is the platform celebrated the teams will also have the opportunities of school trips and a scheme to adopt a Nation so that students feel fully supported in their time in the UAE.

The UAE has many Initiatives in place to make this Asian Cup an amazing event. The private football academies will also partake and will have opportunities to watch some games. The Star Football Academy encourages their members to support their nations and will have the opportunity to watch a game or two. Mr Anees Makrous the Manager and Head Coach of Star Football Academy is encouraging schools and clubs to get involved in the exciting event.

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July 2018

Six pathways for Arab countries to perform better at the World Cup!


1 – Starting age of playing football:

Football clubs in the Arab Counties offer kids football classes at the age of 6 or 7 wherein the European counties children are starting their football learning journey at the age of 2 years. Although a lot of private academics began these programs in countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, and KSA unlike other countries we need to see more kids involved with football coaching at a very young age for example in the UAE most kids are 6 years old when playing in the clubs.

2 – An organized pathway between the school competitions and the Arab Clubs

In most of the countries that have developed good sports teams other than football teams, there are many advantages to starting with school and club competition. Arab counties often lack these qualities compared to other countries, as there are ongoing competitions for the kids, however there is no time where the actual football association is scouting the players. In my experience, I have seen football clubs organize some coaches or a sports teacher similar to private work to look for good optional players in the school which I believe this is a better option and the right way. The football association should help to organize a better interschool competition system and make sure to push physical education in the schools as it is a vital subject.

3 – Tables of results at the youth football competition

Often Football clubs in Arab countries care more about the results in the youth football competition and are interested to see which team will be on the top of the table at the end of the season. This pressure is creating an adverse effect on the players and the coaches. The children at this stage should join the club to learn and have fun, otherwise putting immense pressure on these players and youth coaches results in kids dropping out of the football games. Coaches are then under pressure as having only a certain number of players to use in games and not giving a chance to other players to play. In real life nobody in the world can guess the future of the kids, mistakes have also happened with top football clubs like Barcelona. In Barcelona coaching staff had given up on Jordi Alba and sold him when he was in the youth football team, however they had to buy him back as he developed as one of the best full-backs in the world. In most European counties there are no more tables for the youth league. The aim is to let the kids play football for enjoyment and to let them get the experience rather than focusing on winning or losing games. The European football clubs concentrate on the performing teamwork fitness side, healthy lifestyle, listening skills, independence which is more important than being the first on the league. The aim of the youth academy is to make sure every year two to three good players play with the first team that has the same philosophy of the club.

4 – Coaching course

The Football Association needs to run more professional coaching courses for coaches to increase the number of quality coaches that will effectively develop more players. For example, in Iceland which is a tiny county where the weather conditions are a lot harder than the UAE they have built 16 indoor Football venues that the government has paid for. This is so every child has the opportunity to join football classes and every coach has the opportunity to undertake professional development and coaching courses. Now every 600 people living in Iceland have a qualified Football coach. In the UAE because of the hot weather during 5 months of the year, the children have training for only around seven months. This shorter time is affecting their development of football skills as the children are not active for five months of the year. In my opinion, every football club should be investing more with building Indoor football venues for all their young teams and they should be concentrating on running football camps and regular football training during the summer time when the children are on holidays as this will be an excellent time for the kids to develop their football skills. There is another excellent example of countries that have changed their strategy in football coaching after England failed to place in the last two world cups. The UK wants more coaches to have a UEFA license and A license as they found that in Spain the number of people that have UEFA coaches is a lot of higher than England. The UK want more coaches to participate in more organized Professional development for all coaches and even run online courses for coaches that could not attend the lessons. The Arab Football Association needs to work on a long-term strategies with the clubs, and the community, to try to improve the coaching level which helps the player to develop their potential, tactically and be ready to play football at a higher standard.

5 -Youth League

Most of the Gulf nations at the moment have many ex-patriate children that are living there and clubs should be using the benefits of these kids in their leagues. These ex-patriate children should be training with the local kids of the clubs as they will help the Arab players to learn the good habits of eating and sleeping well, listening to instructions and being a good team player. The western kids are a part of the clubs and open the club for all the expats to be part of each country youth programs like other European counties. If you look at the French national team for example most of the players come from different backgrounds that are not originally French. I believe the Arab countries should try to organize International Football tournaments to be held in the Arab countries. They should concentrate on the youth generation to give them the experience and try to play friendly games with the top clubs in the world. The important point is that Arab players need to be exposed to other forms of strategies that can help develop good habits in players.

6 – Adult league

The Football Association should try to push more for their nation to watch the league football games and try to encourage the young generation to support their country league teams. The football association can try to accomplish this in two ways.
The football clubs could bring big stars that may be at the end of their career to play in the league, also having more than two expat players to be on the pitch. Perhaps governments need to support the clubs financially.
The High level of the country football league will improve the level of the National Football team. The clubs could send players to play in the European league. For example, KSA sent players to play in Spanish football teams. However, the mistake that happened in KSA this year was the national teams they were training with in football clubs in Spain were not playing regular football. Instead of buying a clubs in UK, France or Spain they should try to purchase clubs to make it easy for your national team player to be part of the club as this will help to play at the highest level. The national team players or the first team players visit the school more often, organize TV appearances in shopping centers and push the media to cover the football league news. People will be interested more to follow their own national and local team and then this will help the nation to discover better players.

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June 2018

20 % For Star football academy Members


Dear parents,football academy offer
Star Football Training Academy Dubai  would like to offer for 20 % ( on Food & Drinks ) for the World-Cup Event with an exclusive and unique experience of watching a long-awaited World Football 2018 on a giant LED screen from the infinity swimming pool with the floating bar & in the large landscaped gardens at the Doubletree by Hilton JBR. We are also creating different zones in the Garden – VIP seating, Kids corner with face painting, games and lot more  a live band and/ or DJ every day depending on the matches, food specialties based on the match, etc.. We will also have a football pitch and 3 volleyball pitches on the beach, Football tables, goal posts, etc., perfect for a friendly match.

Star football academy has the partner with to offer this great experience for our members of the academy this an exclusive offer how you get the discount just Fill up the form below and I will contact the hotel and your name to the guest list so you get the 20% discount.

If you are looking for football classes in Sharjah During the summer holiday Star football academy have regular classes four times per week on Sunday, Tuesday Friday & Saturday. we have classes for all age group and all abilities. Kids Summer camp is back this holiday for half a month please follow to link to know about the summer camp program.

Parents that live in Mirdif area or Festival city area and looking for football classes in Dubai we have also three days on Monday, Thursday, and Friday on Monday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm while on Friday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm .please have a look at the main page for all the information. Should you require any further details please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. our aim to work all the summer holidays and to provide quality indoor football classes for our clients in Dubai and Sharjah thank you for the support and I hope you will enjoy watching the world cup with your family and friends.

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April 2018

Dealing with disappointment


Favicon 72 logo for star football acadmeyRicky Barton, an U11s grassroots coach, explores the topic of dealing with disappointment and offers up some key learnings from his experiences.

I think one of my favorite things in the new England DNA Foundation Phase group on Hive is the emphasis on development rather than winning.

As a parent watching on from the sideline, it was very easy to get caught up in the score-line and project my disappointment with a loss onto my son after the game, even though I was only a spectator (a symptom of English football followers in general).

This can only have been detrimental to his development.

So having learned to remove this pressure from the game for the players, only now do I understand the potential damage I could have done!

For me, I think the key to avoiding this (prevention is better than cure for me) starts at training through the week.

When I first started volunteering, the match at the end of training would always end in a squabble about the scoreline and the losing team would finish on a very low note, which is very disappointing as a coach. I want them to end the session with a big smile on their face!

I felt that this was transferring to their match on a Sunday and detracting from their experiences of the game. I took fairly drastic action to start with: the next week I gathered them all together to discuss the practices we had performed before our match at the end of the session and explained that they were with me for that hour to learn and enjoy themselves rather than to win, and we would not be keeping score for the match at the end.

I know this is somewhat contradictory to the training we now all receive with regards to making it realistic but I felt it had the desired effect.

“Once they understand that they are not under pressure to win, they play with a lot more freedom and enjoy the game much more.”    

I investigated a little further into possible solutions using Hive to look for tips.

The following week, they were allowed to keep score but for the last few minutes I put them in a scenario to finish – “Reds are losing 0-1 and have 2 minutes.” This gave each team an individual focus and removed any negative feelings on whatever the scoreline had been before. It re-motivated the players and made the last few minutes more exciting for them. They all left the session much happier.

I have developed a few ideas to counteract this when I spot it happening now.

I will mix the teams up by swapping players in the middle of the game, giving the losing team a player from the winning team to give them an overload, or just reset the score to 0-0 and let them start again.

The main thing though is to heap praise on the players for effort instead of outcome – i.e. for trying to compete rather than for winning so they understand that this is what we are looking for from them. Once they understand that they are not under pressure to win, they play with a lot more freedom and enjoy the game much more.

Another technique I use is to split the cliques at the start of a training match.

I use lots of different ways to keep them guessing but along the lines of “split yourselves into 2 teams” (this will result in the cliques gathering together), then “now number yourselves from 1 – 6” (this way they still have ownership over where they end up and accept the outcome more easily). I will then ask the number 2’s from each group to put their hands up, “now swap teams”. I will do this with 3 of the 6 in any random order. I find this removes a lot of the rivalries within the group, e.g. school v school or friends v friends, which reduces the desire to “beat” the other team.

“The main thing is to heap praise on the players for effort instead of the outcome.”   

I translate this to match day after a loss by reminding the players (having laid the groundwork during training) that we are there to develop and not to focus on the score, just the same as we are with training. I will remind them of the success they have had in their individual challenges (these are carefully selected to ensure the player can achieve some success while still being challenged – in line with the DNA) and team challenges throughout the match (which are linked to the previous training session). I then ask the players what they think they could have done better and would like to work on in the next training session, but will always end by asking them what they thought they did well so they go home with positive thoughts in the front of their minds.

I think that inevitably there are some players who are just built with the desire to win ingrained in their DNA (do you like what I did there?) and they will be disappointed with losing no matter what methods you use.

There will also be pressure from outside influences that you can’t control so accept that some kids just don’t like losing and manage it as best you can by letting them know that it is perfectly fine to have a great desire to win, but, you are interested in improvement before winning.

About the coach – Ricky Barton

Ricky is a volunteer dad at Dexters Sports Youth Football U11’s, and is also director of Bournemouth Youth Futsal Association (foundation phase).

He loves The FA’s new approach so much that he wants to continue learning. He currently holds The FA Level 2 qualification, while also being a Level 1 Futsal coach. He plans to do the UEFA B and Futsal Level 2 when possible.

This the link to the original article as I am a member of the FA Licensed Coaches’ Club

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December 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Try Star Football Academy


football coaching in sharjahRegistration

The hassle free online booking & database system. You can register your child for Football coaching in Sharjah & Dubai. Available soon you will be able to make online payments.  register here 


The high quality coaches that work at Star Football Academy. Our coaches have qualifications from UEFA.  The coaches speak fluent English and Arabic and have a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree. The head Coach Anees Makrous has 12 years teaching experience in International Schools in the UAE with children from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Whatever you are looking for in Football coaching in Sharjah or Dubai we will make sure your child will get the best Football coaching in UAE.


The Star Football Academy has impressive indoor and outdoor facilities that beat most other UAE academies. Sessions are held at different times to suit and accommodate all family’s needs. If you are looking for high quality Football coaching in Sharjah or Dubai our academy has high quality coaching and excellent facilities to match.


The Star Football Academy offers UAE Camps and overseas camps in the UK and Spain. We have individual training programs for players that take place in the UAE venue. We also offer overseas tryouts with elite clubs in the UK with our partnership with the Espirt Football Academy.

Pricing and Free Tryout

No academy can beat our affordable prices for Football coaching in Sharjah or Dubai compared to the quality of the training that we offer in our sessions. We have an open door policy where parents are welcome to watch training and games. To reinforce our quality coaching and training we offer a free tryout session. We have great discounts for monthly, quarterly and yearly registration.


The Star Football Academy offers transport of pick up and drop off services. A coach accompanies the players on the bus to make sure all children are in safe hands.

Frequent Games

We offer friendly games to all our players on a regular basis. Unlike some other Football Academies we make sure all our members have the chance to represent the academy in each and every game. The Star Football Academy reflects consistently on improving the team performance and not just focusing on the results of winning or losing. We have a strong philosophy that we follow and our goal is to always do what is the best for our students.

If you don’t think these are 7 Reasons to try the Star Football Academy then you are missing out. Come join the fun!

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Star Academy Football Summer kids Camp


Star Academy Football Summer Kids Camp

football camp in SharjahThe Star Football Academy Football camp or Multi-Sport Summer Camp and is designed for players to build their skill development in many different areas using exercises to promote maximum participation by creating a fun learning environment through different sports and creative activities to help improve player’s general coordination, fitness, teamwork attitude and self-confidence. The players will be separated into 3 different groups depending on the age and the abilities of the player. The camp is open for boys that are between 6-14 years old.   Take a look at the schedule below to view the activities your child will engage in:

TimeSummer HolidaySummer HolidaySummer HolidaySummer  Holiday
9:00amCamp Orientation and Briefing for the day.
9:15amMulti-Skilled games for Multi-Sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Football and Swimming
10:00amRotational Multi-Sport Games –Technical Skills
11:00amMulti–Sport Tactical Session for the different Sports
12:00amLunch and Various Fun Activities – Fun quizzes, karaoke, funny soccer movie clip, nutrition etc.
1:00pmRotational activities between Art and Craft and Multi-Sports Team Games
2:45pmSwimming Training Sessions – Fun Pool Games, Competition, and Team Building
3:30pmHome time


Daily Routines:  Each day players need to bring:

  • Packed lunch each day with snacks and a water bottle. (We have a refrigerator to keep the players lunches fresh if needed)
  • Wear sports clothes and shoes
  • Swimming clothes and towel for pool and water activities.

Supervision and Coaching Staff

The safety and supervision of your children is very important to us and that’s why we have staff that are well qualified and have the experience to oversee this camp. There are staff members with first aid training. And all have teaching and coaching degrees.


The cost of the Star Football Academy Football summer kids Camps is Very affordable. Should you wish to register your child, please complete the registration form and send the payment to Mr. Anees. In order to secure your place in the camp, payment should be sent with the registration form.

A bus is available if you would like your child picked up and dropped off at the camp.

soon we will publish all the information.

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