Asian Cup coming to UAE

asian cup coming to uaeThe Star Football academy is excited that The United Arab Emirates will host the Asian Cup over 21 days from the 5th January to the 1st of February in 2019. This major event brings football together with 24 nations and will host 51 games across 8 stadiums in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah. With an estimated 1.1 million attendees the UAE will have the eyes of the world watching them and will be the hub for football fans all over the global market. This amazing event is to encourage schools and football academies in Dubai to support their nation and to help support each other’s nations across Asia and the Middle East. It gives school children the platform to express themselves and their nation through football and is intended to be an educational experience for all involved. Preparation for the Asian Cup starts this year with officials and educators monitoring closely the focus on student engagement in the event. Although the game of football is the platform celebrated the teams will also have the opportunities of school trips and a scheme to adopt a Nation so that students feel fully supported in their time in the UAE.

The UAE has many Initiatives in place to make this Asian Cup an amazing event. The private football academies will also partake and will have opportunities to watch some games. The Star Football Academy encourages their members to support their nations and will have the opportunity to watch a game or two. Mr Anees Makrous the Manager and Head Coach of Star Football Academy is encouraging schools and clubs to get involved in the exciting event. Visit our star football Academy