Starting Age at STAR Football  Academy

age at Star football Academy We’re often asked when is the right age for children to start playing football. At Star Football Academy, we strongly believe that we’re never too old or too young to play football!

Players of all abilities and from ages 4-16 are more than welcome to join Star Football academy in our three branches in Sharjah, Mirdif and Al Barsha.

Our fun and engaging football classes in Dubai and Sharjah positively provide children with their first introduction to football. Our experienced and UK-qualified coaching team will ensure that your child is further developing and progressing at each session, helping the kids of all abilities become the best they can be.

Star Football Academy also developed our very own football classes for toddlers! Young Tikes is a preschool development program, developed by our UEFA qualified coaches, for kids aged from 18 months to 4 years. Our football classes for toddlers are designed to support young children and parents in sessions, which cover the physical, emotional and social development of each child.

The Young Tikes program is run by highly qualified and experienced coaches who provide attention to detail of the development of children in the early years and encourages optimal growth and development. The learning experiences at such a young age are designed to improve kids’ gross motor skills, including balance and coordination as well as sensory stimulation that scaffolds physical development.

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Based on our experience, we at Star Football Academy believe that the earlier children start playing football the better as we have a unique program that builds gross motor coordination that helps with developmental milestones.

what age group my son will play?

When children attend the first class at Star Football Academy, we split the children according to their age. However, after the first session and evaluation, we then split the players according to their abilities which is more beneficial for the players.

Star Football Academy coaches always look at the overall abilities of the children when it comes to the development of the coaching program. Majority of our coaches are also Physical Education teachers and understand that each child will develop at different stages. Age is important, however if a child exceeds their age level, they can move up or down levels accordingly. We support all levels and abilities in an environment that supports their development and gives the players skills to reach their full potential.

Our football classes in Dubai and Sharjah are designed to continuously develop the skills learned during the previous lessons, each time introducing a more complex skills both technically and socially.

Star football Academy coaching sessions are designed in a way that our coaches are consistently monitoring child needs, abilities and the overall performance during every session. Every four weeks, our coaches are given an assignment to measure the progression of our players to evaluate areas for improvement and what is the best group that suits their abilities.

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