Adult football in Sharjah for All Ages!

Adults in Sharjah can now join the fun at Star Football Academy the leading Football academy in Dubai and Sharjah. With our UEFA Qualified coaches, adults can now come and play friendly games in a social and fun environment. Playing football is fun for all ages and brings the community together allowing for making new acquaintances.

Every Friday at the Sharjah Wanderers, there is an opportunity for all ages and abilities over 18 years of age to play football socially. This venue is well established and has many facilities and amenities that make playing there enjoyable and is on soft grass outdoors on well-kept fields.  It doesn’t matter what each player’s level is as our experienced coaches will be able to support and divide players into teams according to numbers and make sure that ability levels of teams are fair.

This is a fun, social event that gives adults the opportunity to practice their football skills and get some exercise at the same time. Being active in a fun activity will help support a healthy lifestyle for parents and adults which is a great role model for children. Football can help with stress relief, fitness, mental health and overall health of the individual.

The game session is for 90 minutes so there’s is time for warm-up and warm down. The teams may change weekly or stay the same depending on the comfort and attendance of players. Star Football Academy wants to support the whole community in supporting a healthy lifestyle and this is an endeavor to support the many inquiries we have had from adults to play football.

We have kept the cost to an affordable price of 30 AED per session this covers the cost of coach and field. There is an option to pay for individual sessions or on a monthly basis. As we tell younger players the more practice the better the outcome so being consistent will help in improving skills, fitness and gameplay. Registration couldn’t be easier as members can register and pay online, at the session in person or with a bank transfer.

What are you waiting for? Have fun, get fit, meet new people and enjoy playing Football!

Key Points:

What:  Adult games for players over 18 years is age is now available

Where: Sharjah Wanderers our locations 
When: Every Friday – Timing (Session length: 90 minutes)
Cost: 30 AED per session.
Register By: Calling or messaging 050 633 7857 or register fill up the form below

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